Go visit Kuching! Kuching is Sarawak’s capital city and Borneo’s largest city. Interestingly, local refer Kuching as Cat City as “Kuching” carries the same pronunciation as “Kucing” which means cat. The climate here is favorable for vacations with the city being a major holiday destination doe to its many interesting sceneries and places to visit. Here is a broad selection of 10 awesome things to do in Kuching and at the end of the article, you might find yourself having the urge to hunt for a house for rent in Kuching to explore the endless offerings in this beautiful city!
Semenggoh Nature Reserve Tour
Explore the Semenggoh Nature reserve and discover endangered orangutans on this tour. Catch sights of orangutans in their natural habitat and learn about their incredible ecology and behavior. A tour guide will help you spot their sneaky movements on top of the trees. Also participate in the feeding session and get to see the adorable orange apes eat a wide range of tasty fruits.
Sarawak Cultural Village Tour
Get a special view of Malsysia’s traditions and local people with a tour to Sarawak Cultural Village. In this living museum you will see the region’s diverse ad unique cultures. This place is easily accessible and visitor-friendly. Sarawak’s native people populate its seven authentic traditional buildings going about their everyday activities like beadwork, weaving, bamboo carving, pepper growing, sugarcane crushing, and preparation of bird nests. Engage in some fun activities, such as shooting a Penan blowpipe, and throwing a Malay’s spinning top or best known as “Gasing”.
Fairy and wind Caves Adventure
Travel to the mystical caverns of Wind Cave and Fairy Cave near Kuching. Explore the lovely natural structures, get to learn about the formation of the captivating chambers, and see the stalagmites, mineral formations and rugged stalactites unique to this dark underground environment. Explore the caves and keep an eye out for flapping bats and their nests along the cave walls.
Kubah National Park Tour
Kubah National Park hosts a wide range of wildlife in diverse environments. It is also home to Kerangas tropical forest. Learn about the different species of vegetation inhabiting the park like colorful orchids and Borneo’s palms. Once inside the park, you will see rare wild animals, including mouse deer, civets, argus pheasants, and bearded pigs. Marvel at the park’s beauty with different views like sparkling streams, rushing waterfalls, and sandstone plateaus. Admire the large forest covered with thick scrub.
Mount Santubong Climb
Get ready to scale the lush slopes of Sarawak’s most outstanding mountain. Enjoy the spectacular view of the Borneo coast and the tropical greenery dominating the landscape. Admire the scenery of various creatures thriving amide the slopes and numerous streams. Go up the rope ladders and steep climbs to get incredible views of hornbills and monkeys. Cool off at a refreshing waterfall after the climb.
City highlights Tour
Get the best introduction to Sarawak’s historical capital by touring through the great sights of Kuching. Experience the remarkable energy and history around you from the colorful Chines Temple to the former white Rajah’s palace and the lively storefronts of the city. See amazing sceneries like the Cat Statue, Civic Centre Viewing Platform, the famous Sarawak Temple, and Tua Pek Kong Temple. Next, visit the textile shops and spice dealers of Old Kuching and the golden City Mosque. Catch a glimpse of the White Rajah’s Era heritage buildings, including Pavllion, the Court House, the Post Office, the Square Tower, and the Charles Brooke Monument. Also view the White Rajah’s former residence, the Astana.
Sarawak River Kayaking
Paddle across the calm waters of Sarawak River, under overhanging fig tree branches and past rock formations of limestone. Discover produce, spices, herbs at the village market, take a stroll on the riverbanks’s sandy stretch while checking out carnivorous pitcher plants. Enjoy listening to the chattering sounds of exotic birds as you paddle down the river. Learn about the area’s ecology from your guide.
Crocodile Farm Visit 
Visit the famous Jong’s Crocodile Farm and Zoo and meet some fearsome predators. This park features frightful animals, lots of fun, educational feeding show, and the up-close look into the lives of the toothy crocodile as well as pythons, peacocks, bear cats, otters, and the exceptionally huge freshwater fish, the Arapaima Gigas. Explore the farm’s vast greenery, inhabited by the feared crocodiles. Hold your breath while you watch experienced keepers feed the tooth giants.
Sunday Market
Located on Jalan Satok, this open-air market operates every week from Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. The market has both tribal sellers and urban sellers. Various stalls in the market offer a wide range of local produce, including local delicacies, snacks, vegetables, fruits, jungle produce clothing, toys, fashion items, pets, plants, newspapers, souvenirs, local craft items, and a lot more. Get buying while interacting with Sarawak’s native people.
Sarawak Museum Tours
Kuching besides preserving many fine examples of colonial-style architecture, it also features a number of interesting museums, including the famous Sarawak Museum, Islamic Heritage Museum, Sarawak Textile Museum & funky Cat Museum.
There you go, the top 10 sights and sounds of Kuching! Of course the list goes on, as you will find this astonishing city full with surprises. That being said, you might want to consider a nomad life here by checking out some houses for rent in Kuching.

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