Recipes : Onde Onde


Glutinous Flour(500g)
Flour (4 tbsp)
Pandan Flavouring (1 tsp)
Gula Melaka (Cut into small pieces)
Grated Coconut (To coat )
Water ( To boil)

1. Mix glutinous flour and flour with water. Add pandan flavouring.
2. Roll the mixture and flatten it between your palms to wrap pieces of gula Melaka.
3. Put in the gula Melaka and roll until it is round.
4. Boil water.
5. Add the onde-onde into the boiled water, and cook until they start floating to the top. Set aside to cool.
6. Coat with grated coconut.
7. Ready to serve.

Recipes from Chef Bobby from Berjaya Tioman Hotel

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