The TemptingPlaces Guide 2016-2017 : A Reference for Hotel Experiences

The TemptingPlaces Guide is all about story-telling hotels, the kind that stand out from traditional ones. The 145 pages, listed by regions of the world, are a gateway to dream world showcasing stunning properties, portraits of visionary owners, hotel descriptions and exclusive TemptingPlaces privileges you can enjoy as a member of our TravelersClub.
Readers will discover unique experiences through the guide: a garden changing with seasons in Paris, a bespoke immersion in Balinese culture with a personal butler, an eco-lodge overlooking a tea plantation in Sri Lanka, even a hotel with its very own cinema in Marrakech. The little secrets that make our hotels particularly magic are revealed, page after page.

So treat yourself to unrivalled experiences! The TemptingPlaces Guide will help you find the hotel to make any of your
travel dreams come true

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