Parrot Disco : The first fixed-wing drone for immersive flights

Today Parrot announced the launch of the Parrot Disco, the first easy-to-fly fixed-wing drone that provides the ultimate fully immersive flight experience. The ultra-lightweight Parrot Disco is powerful and displays impressive airborne performances.

It can reach top speeds of 80 km/h and offers 45 minutes of flight time. Previous piloting experience isn’t necessary to control the Parrot Disco. It takes-off and lands automatically and comes fully equipped with a powerful autopilot function to help control the flight.

For example, when the control stick of the remote control is tilted to the right, the fixed wing drone will curve in the same direction, while the autopilot takes care of lightly tilting the wing and increasing the speed of the engine.

The immersive experience of the Parrot Disco is very intuitive and accessible to all. Parrot has created a first person view (FPV) headplay Parrot Cockpitglasses which plunge the pilot into the heart of the action by live streaming the airborne footage captured by Disco’s Full HD  frontal camera.

The Parrot Disco can be flown with complete precision thanks to a new and compact remote control – Parrot Skycontroller 2. Model aircraft enthusiasts will also be able to pilot Parrot’s fixed-wing drone from their own RC controller, in full manual mode and after connecting a module.

Unique by its design and performance capabilities, Parrot Disco offers everyone the possibility of an immersive flight without having any technical knowledge, and the possibility to record high quality aerial shots using the fixed-wing drone’s 32 GB memory.

Availability: October 2016
MSRP: RM6,999 Parrot Disco FPV (Parrot Disco + Parrot Skycontroller 2 + Parrot Cockpitglasses)

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