Nestlé Malaysia introduced a whole new NESTUM® today at Sunway Pyramid, with the launch of its latest beverage, NESTUM® Grains & More Banana Caramel, which is the first NESTUM® beverage made with real bananas, caramel, and the AROMALICIOUSTM NESTUM® multi-grain flakes.

The NESTUM® Grains & More Banana Caramel is the answer to consumers seeking a nutritious and invigorating beverage that can give them that extra boost during their busy day.
“Any food-loving Malaysian will tell you that they love to snack, and we wanted to share a nutritious solution for that pick-me-up in the middle of the day. That is how we came up with NESTUM® Grains & More Banana Caramel, which combines your favourite NESTUM® flakes and real banana pieces in an invigorating beverage,” said Ms Ng Su Yen, Nestlé Malaysia’s Business Executive Manager for Milks.

“We are giving Malaysians a whole new reason to get ‘More Cereal, More Life’ beyond the breakfast table for young adults who are constantly on-the-go,” she added.

Ms Cher Siew Wei, Nestlé Malaysia’s Corporate Wellness Manager, explained further on the use of real bananas in the new NESTUM product. “Bananas contain natural goodness of dietary fiber while each serving of NESTUM® Grains & More Banana Caramel is carefully formulated with 100% more vitamin C1 giving you 40% of your daily vitamin C requirement ,” she said.
With essential nutrition from three multi-grains of whole wheat, corn and rice, NESTUM® Grains & More Banana Caramel is developed with Nestlé’s innovative recipe, which Malaysians have loved for over 50 years, that encapsulates nutrients and multi-grains aroma in each golden, NESTUM® flake.
In conjunction with the launch of the drink, NESTUM® will embark on a campaign in collaboration with influencers such as celebrity singer Hunny Madu, Ironman athlete Karen Siah, homegrown sportswear brand Ash Be Nimble’s founder Hui Mathews. As part of the campaign, NESTUM®  invites Malaysians to join the #BananamelChallenge movement to develop healthier, balanced snacking habits.

“Snacking may suffer a bad rep, but in reality, we are encouraged to have three main meals with one to two nutritious 200 to 300 kcal count snacks in between . At 110 kcal per serving, Nestum® Grains & More Banana Caramel is a nutritious and healthier alternative to snacking. So join Nestum® and our influencers on the #bananamelchallenge, together we can develop more mindful snacking,” Ms Cher said.

The new NESTUM® Grains & More Banana Caramel multi-grain drink is now available at all leading supermarkets and hypermarkets nationwide at the recommended retail price of RM 11.53 per pack of 12 sachets.

For more information on NESTUM® and the #BananamelChallenge, check us out at our Facebook page NESTUM MALAYSIA or

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