Lavender Bunch by Pegasus Florist : Giving my home refreshing smell all year long

I am always very particular about my home especially making them beautiful and smells good. I usually buy fresh flowers but they dont last me long. We had recently get our flowers and being a fans of Lavender, we had our purchase via Pegasus Florist

The lavender are naturally dried with no artificial fragrance and they can last up to a year. That’s what I like the most,as I do not need to go to the florist and keep buying flowers every few days. For those who are looking for a good solution and busy mums like me, perhaps this is a good solution.

Lavender is simply a great product where we know that it can influenced on sleep quality too.Besides from that, it makes my home air fresh and good, as well as a promote relaxation.

And Pegasus Florist brings you these lavender where I will be using them to put in my bedroom to enhance my sleeping as well as my study desk as well. It can be cut and put it scented bag where you can put them in the car, handbag, wardrobe, shoes, cabinet, shoes and more. And what I like is the fragrance. It is simply refreshing and the lavender smells is so good. I am putting in my bed room and in less than 4 hours, I can smell the fragrance all over the room. That’s simply nice.

It is so nice and beautiful where they are packed with 100 pcs of naturally dried lavender in every bunch and all of them are natural flowers which range from 20 cm – 40 cm. You can find both young and mature lavender in the bunch which is from the same bunch.

And it is simply easy to take care, no worries on watering as there is not a need to water them as well. It can be put in the room and do not expose to direct sunlight. Gently crush when the fragrance fades away and do avoid frequent touch. You just need to blow gently with hairdryer when dusty.

Overall, I am indeed falling in love with the lavender smells and it is easy and simple to buy them. You can get them here at and each cost at RM 39 per bunch. They have free deliver all over Peninsular Malaysia while Sarawak will be at RM3, and Labuan & Sabah at RM 4

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