Kaseki Set from RM 59++ @ Kokoro Sushi Restaurant, Cheras

Time for some delicious Japanese food? Looking for an affordable kaiseki and here you go where Kokoro Sushi Restaurant brings you with 2 types of the Kaseki delicacies.
For those who are not familiar with Kaiseki, Kaiseki is the quintessential Japanese haute cuisine, a tasting course characterised by the perfection of its preparation and elegant presentation. And not just that, they comes with 2 sets which is affordable in price but completes with the premium ingredients in it.
Set A (RM 69++)


3 variety Side Dish Appetizer
Enjoy the freshest ingredient of all in 1 plate. The deliciously fresh mayo wasabi pawn which is packed with the complete freshness and burst with the flavours in it is divinely delicious. Sides with the sourish ika, edamame and also the deep fried gingko with it.
Sashimi Salmon with Karashi Sauce
Enjoy their signature fresh salmon, completely thick and juicy and it is well compliments with their special mustard sauce which brings you with the light hint of spiciness from the mustard added in to it.
Oyster Grill with Sake & Soy Sauce
Huge pluppy oyster where they comes amazingly fresh and good. Grilled with their sake and soy sauce in it. The oyster brings you hint of sake in it and the freshness of the oyster can be tasted. The awesomely good taste of pluppy oyster brings you with the sipped of sweetness that is in the oyster that is well infused with the sake and soy sauce.
Superior Dashi with Seafood Claypot
The wholesome hearty bowl of goodies where it is packed with a total indulgence. Cooked in the mini claypot, the bowl of goodies is complete with the mushroom, scallops and prawns and also some greeniess with it. The soup were superb, light and refreshing where it is cooked thereto with the lemon skin with it.
Signature Seafood Rice Bowl
The delicious bowl of rice where all the fresh sashimi cubes ( salmon, and tuna) and it is topped with ikura on top. The bowl of rice is just so awesome where every bowl of rice is packed with the fresh sashimi in it. Nicely done.
Signature Matcha Ice Cream with Ogura Cheese Cake
Using the premium ice cream, velvety fragrant taste with the sides of cheese cake.
Set B (RM 59++)
As for set B  ; it comes with the combination of meat and seafood. And of course, will be starting with their 3 variety Side Dish Appetiser.


Sushi and Prawn Tempura
Sushi lover should not miss this! The deliciously good sushi which completes with huge pieces of salmon and tuna on top, and lightly char grilled. Deliciously good and awesome with the freshness of the ingredients. And sides with it the crispy tempura. The tempura comes crispy good.


Grilled Codfish with Miso Paste
I love the codfish a lot, with the flaky texture of the meat itself the codfish comes with the fresh flaky meat and every bite is amazingly good with the infused miso paste in the flaky meat,
Superior Dashi Soup with Chicken Meatball and Konnyyaku
The hearty bowl of soup where they are indeed a indulgence. The flavourful based soup with all the goodies in one where you can enjoy their homemade chicken meat balls in it. Deliciously good and awesome.
Salmon Matcha Soup
There aren’t many place have this, but they have a good delicious one. The matcha soup is very refreshing and it makes a good match with the rice itself. Nicely done with the light ending.
And of course, end your meal with the Signature Matcha Ice Cream with Ogura Cheese Cake
For those who love some premium goodies with affordable price, Kokoro Sushi Restaurant would be a good choice!
Address: 16, Jalan Manis 4, Taman Segar, 56100 Cheras,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +60 3-9133 9832
Business Hours:
Sun – Thurs: 11.30am – 10.30pm
Closed on Fridays


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