Eco Harvest Tomato: Crunchy Juicy Bites

Let’s Go for TOMATO!! We may heard so much of tomato and enjoying them in any form. But, how to choose a delicious pluppy tomato? No worries, I had selected many vegetables from the stalls and being a fans of tomato; I had discovered to buy a delicious pluppy tomato place. Available in Jaya Grocer, Eco Harvest is my choice for all my vegetable needs and now they have tomatoes in their selection.

Tomatoes are one of the best sources of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that helps protect cellular structures and DNA. And being that, we do google about the benefits of enjoying tomatoes either raw, cooked and also in juicing.

1. Reduce Heart Disease.
According to Tufts and Boston University, tomato can reduce 30% in incidence of cardiovascular disease and coron heart disease.

2. Improve Digestion and Prevents Constipation.
Having tomato can improve of the digestive system and the liver, and the prevention of constipation

3. Healthy Hair
Tomatoes also can helps to brings you a bright and beautiful hair too asit is rich in Vitamin K.

4. Skin Health.
It is believe that tomato have the cmponents to fight acne and also to prevent damage to skin cell.

5. Strenghthens Immune System
With the high content of Vitamin C , it is actually helps to strengthens your immune systems as well as helps to ease stress and tension

With this 5 good reason, there is no way you say NO to Tomatoes ! Not just any tomato; choose Eco Harvest where the tomatoes comes bigger, sweeter and more juice. They are also contains less Use of Chemical, Fertilizers

And where to find them, they are available in all Jaya Grocers.


  1. says

    I eat my tomatoes raw. I don’t like them but I know they are good for health, so I do it. Eiks!! I have yet to try cherry tomatoes raw. Perhaps they are easier to swallow.

  2. Shivani says

    I used to love tomatoes when I was younger but nowadays, I can hardly find the time to polish off one. Love cherry tomatoes though, sprinkle a bit of oil and crushed salt and once you put them in the oven they are perfection :)

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