Earl Grey Inspired Treat @ Concorde KL

Infusing desserts with teas and herbs is a unique way to add flavor to make new creations. This cake is paired with a touch of sweet raspberry and rich chocolate mousse infused with fragrant earl grey tea. Indulge in this sinful dessert throughout September.

A layer of soft chocolate sponge is used as the base and covered with a layer of silky smooth earl grey chocolate mousse and bonded harmoniously together by another layer of chocolate sponge. Pour in the balance of earl grey chocolate mousse, and chill it overnight. Frozen raspberries, sugar, gel fix and gelatin is used to create the raspberry jelly. Spread a layer of lovely raspberry jelly on top of the cake and place fresh raspberries plus some chocolate decoration for the finale.

Have this delight anytime, anyday… only at RM15.00 nett per slice, RM110.00 nett per kg. For orders, please call Melting Pot Café at 2717 2233.

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