Chakri Palace @ Pavilion: Bringing you Authentic Thai Delights

One of the winning award Thai Restaurant, Chakri Palace is indeed a place for everyone. Meals gets us together and in Chakri; you will definitely pampered with all the good food all year round. Focusing on authentic Thai Cuisine, Chakri never disappoint us with their good delicious Thai Delights.

Mieng Kham (RM 24.90)

Start your meal with the delicious traditional appetisers where you will definitely enjoy the Thai traditional Kadok leaves rolled with peanuts, baked coconut shreds, chili padi, diced onions, diced lime, ginger and also the sun-dried shrimps and shrimp sauce. The appetising dish is indeed what you should look for where every mouthful is packed with flavours.

Thai Mango Salad (RM 21.90)

How about some spicy sensation. Have them either plain or you can have the add on of catfish or soft shell crab with it.. The tantalising mango salad are complete with the tangy dressing where it not just brings you with the burst of flavours, but I just love the kick of spiciness that comes with it.

Chakri Tomyam (RM 29.90)

Love how this pipping hot and spicy tomyam taste like. Enjoy the lemongrass soup served either clear or red soup base. Enjoy them with the choice of King Prawn, Seafood, Chicken or Vegetarian. The tomyam are served for one pax.

Signature Deep Fried Prawn (per pc) (RM 29.90) 

Prawn lovers should not miss this. Enjoy the delicious deep fried prawn which is served with a choice of onion curry egg relish, fried garlic and pepper sauce or dried curry with long bean sauce. Nicely done with the pluppy juicy prawn.. Such a divine!

Chakri Roasted Duck with Coffee Sauce (RM 39.90)

For those who love to get some fusion, try their roasted duck where they served with their traditional Thai Coffee sauce. The fragrant taste of coffee sauce is well infused into the duck itself making the taste simply awesome and fragrant hint of the coffee sauce.

Traditional Phad Thai Noodles (RM 22.90) 

Phai Thai is always my favorites when I visit any Thai restaurant. Enjoy the authentic Thai Noodles served with prawns, crushed with peanuts, chili flakes, bean sprouts, and also a refreshing slice of lime together. The twist of spiciness and the sour taste from the lime balance up the whole dish making it a perfect one.

Fried Bean Curd with Thai Basil Leaves and Chili (RM 24.90)

Enjoy the lovely delicious stir fried bean curd with the Thai hot basil leaves and fresh chilly wih it. Love how it taste and every mouthful is just so perfect. The hint of the basil leaves in it is so fragrant and nice!

Seabass Steamed with Lime & Chili (RM 79.90) 

Love to have some pipping hot and spicy seabass. Enjoy the seabass with those refreshing lime and chili sauce. The sourish spicy sensation … oh my!; this  is just my taste . Love how it is done with the flaky fish texture.

Enjoy till the fullest with the delicious Thai Delights from Chakri Palace.


Lot 417B, Level 4, Suria KLCC,
Kuala Lumpur City Center,
50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: 03-5569 2211
Email: [email protected]

Lot C4.06.01, Level 4, Connection Pavilion KL, Jalan Bukit Bintang
Telephone : 03-2143 1141
Facsimile : 03-2144 1141
E-mail : [email protected]

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