Yunnan Wild Mushrooms & Lobster E-Fu Noodle at Man Ho

Man Ho’s Executive Chinese Chef, Jayson Tang, is excited to  delight epicureans with two exciting culinary offers in August. The Yunnan Wild Mushroom  promotion, featuring a variety of mushroom-inspired dishes and a special lobster e-fu noodle  dish from now to 31 August 2016!

During lunch and dinner, guests may savour a variety of exquisite dishes accompanied with  selected imported mushrooms such as matsutake mushroom, the King of Mushrooms which is  renowned for the intense aroma and pine-like flavour; exotic nutty termite mushroom which  pairs deliciously with seafood; fresh porcinis and morels. Chef’s recommendations include  braised white elm and morel mushroom with home-made bean curd; sautéed egg with  chanterelle mushroom and prawn; sautéed sliced pigeon with morel mushroom; braised rice  with porcini mushroom and diced abalone; braised beef cheek with blue foot mushroom; and  sautéed marinated porcini with bean sprouts and dried bean curd.  
In addition to the special Yunnan Wild Mushroom promotion, diners may also enjoy Chef  Jayson’s mouth-watering deep-fried lobster with e-fu noodle. This dish is available during  dinner, Monday to Thursday at HK$98 per person.

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