REWARD MY Team: OSIM To Reward All Malaysian Olympic Winners

Proud of the amazing feats of our Malaysian athletes in the Rio 2016 Olympics, advocate of healthy living OSIM (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is rewarding our medalist winners for their achievements, hard work and for inspiring other local athletes to soar to great heights for the country. Malaysian gold medal winners at the games will be rewarded with OSIM’s best-selling uLove, to help them rejuvenate and de – stress after the rigours of intense competition and training. OSIM’s internationally- recognized high performance pampering massage chairs have won fans all over Asia and around the world.

Equally appreciative of the feats of our Silver and Bronze Olympians, OSIM will be rewarding them with other OSIM fan favourites to help them relax and recharge. The Silver medailist will be rewarded with OSIM uDiva Classic Massage Sofa that could effectively release athletics’ muscle tension from hard to reach areas like neck & shoulders after full day training.

While Bronze medalist will be rewarded with OSIM uCaress 3D Massage device, a portable massage device that can be transform into a full back massager that includes a comprehensive 3D massage with warmth feature that loosen stiff body muscles and aids circulations that increases quick recovery. To complete the OSIM uCaress 3D Massage device, Bronze medalist will also received an OSIM uPhoria Warm leg massager that has a Tui-Na function that supports sport recovery.

The announcement was made by OSIM Malaysia Sdn Bhd’s General Manager, Ms. Chia Sook Fun yesterday afternoon.

“We are excited and proud to reward each of our Malaysian gold medallist winner with uLove, our best selling massage chair. OSIM has always been passionate about delivering the highest quality of massage chairs that help our users to relax and recover from the toll of everyday stress upon their bodies. We are glad that we can play a part in rewarding and encouraging Malaysian Athlete winners to greater heights with our high-performance massage chairs,” said Ms. Chia

In summary, OSIM Malaysia Sdn Bhd will be rewarding Malaysian Olympic medal winners as follows:

1. Olympic Gold Medallists:

OSIM uLove Massage Chair (worth RM 17,888 each)  – The world’s most pampering massage chair that combines three complementing elements to deliver an exceptional experience that tantalizes and satisfies all the senses – Providing a pampering massage from mind to body, head-to-toe, it has an Audio System for Deeper Mental Relaxation.

2. Olympic Silver Medallists:

OSIM uDiva Classic Massage Sofa (RM7988 each) – This small sofa transforms from a small sofa into a full-body massage chair as well as a relaxing lounger to offer comfort after a hard day’s work. Innovatively combining massage rollers and power-ball massage technology with the best-in-class kneading, tapping and rolling techniques, it effectively hlps in releasing athletics’ muscle tension from hard to reach areas like neck & shoulders after a full day training.

3. Olympic Bronze Medallists: 

A combined full body massage set comprising two of OSIM’s most popular devices (worth  RM3476): The OSIM uCaress 3D Massage device that is portable and able to transform into a full back massager plus the OSIM uPhoria Warm (RM 2488) massage device for tired legs.

The OSIM uCaress 3D massage (worth RM 988 each) with warmth features ergonomically designed 3D massage nodes and a suite of lifestyle massage programs that  deliver a protruding and intense massage for deep tissue relief, loosening stiff and aching muscles in the neck, shoulders and back.  The soothing warmth in uCaress 3D helps to loosen stiff muscles and joints, delivering the full curative effects of massage. It aids circulation, which increases the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients for quicker recovery.

The OSIM uPhoria Warm (worth RM2488 each) with its signature Tui-Na specialized leg technology to restore warmth, energy and well-being into tired legs and feet also features a 5-in-1 massage fine-tuned to cater to aching legs, and 8 lifestyle massage programs to promote well- being.

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