Kokoro Japanese Restaurant @ Taman Segar, Cheras: Affordable Price Quality Food!


Kokoro Japanese Restaurant which is located in Cheras is indeed a great place to visit for a Japanese delights and it is located just next to the famous Dragon Door Steamboat(龙门客栈) and just a couple of blocks away from Inside Scope.
Well, the cosy restaurant comes uniquely beautiful with cosy ambience is something to go for if you are looking for a Japanese delights. Serving sushi, bento and desserts is the tagline of the restaurant is indeed would not disappoint us with those variety.


Mustard Salad with Spicy Salmon (RM 18.90)
One of the signature here, the fresh slices of salmon is soaked in the homemade secret recipe mushroom sauce is indeed delicious. Not much of those spicy and chocky mustard taste, the mustard salad comes with the appetising taste instead and it really goes well with the generous portion of salmon that comes with it.


Sushi Salmon (RM 8.90 (2 pcs) & Sushi Hamachi (Yellow Fine) (RM 18.90 for 2 pcs)
The sushi is indeed a huge portion though. The sushi salmon and the sushi Hamachi both are served with the generous cut of salmon and Hamachi. They are fresh and delicious and what I love is the sweetness from the fresh ingredients.


Kokoro Special Nabe (RM 138)
Imported all the way from Japan on its ingredients itself, the Kokora Special Nabe comes to our attention. The huge portion of Nabe that can be share up to 4 person comes delicious good and luxurious. Topped with the premium ingredients like prawns, air flown fish, mussels, scallops and more. The soup base is their speciality where this superior sou is made from the premium ingredients which is imported all the way from Japan. Every sip of the soup comes simply sweet and flavourful and you can enjoy the delights and the soup with added rice after finishing the Nabe. It will be a filling meals and you are assured not to waste every sip of the soup itself.


Teppanyaki Tai (RM 20.90)
Fresh cut Seabass is pan fried with their In house Teppanyaki Special Sauce. The Sauce is not something you can find in many Japanese restaurant but it is amazingly good and unique. Sweet abase sauce with the touch of its own. Nicely pan fried till perfection.


Claypot Seafood Udon Soup (RM 16.90)
A bowl of udon which is served in the claypot. Uniquely presented like having some Chinese Noodles but of course, this is more worthy in terms of taste and presentation too. With the light creamy soup based, it is topped with prawns, fish meat, enoki mushrooms, black mushroom and udon.  Lovely done with the complete flavourful taste in it.


Donburi –Ebi Don (RM 18.90)
I am indulge with the Donburi Ebi Don. The bowl of rice topped with the teppanyaki sauce and also crunchy ebi and tempura ontop. Just a wholesome meal for the day with sides of a salad and a soup.


Gyomuyo Matcha Parfait (RM 17.90)
Don’t go home without the parfait or even an ice cream. Using the premium matcha ice cream where they use the Gyokuro green tea powder to make this soft serve ice cream. Layered by layered from the cream, grean tea softserve, nuts, some red bean, and also Japanese imported kitkat with it. The ice cream comes simply creamier and richer in taste.
Overall, Kokoro Japanese restaurant brings you with an affordable price menu. Food quality are above par and we are indeed happy overall in their meals.
Kokoro Japanese Restaurant
16, Jalan Manis 4,
Taman Segar,
56100 Cheras,
Kuala Lumpur.
Business Hours:
Sun – Thurs: 11.30am – 10.30pm
Closed on Fridays


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