Fonterra Launches Its All New Anchor Food Professionals in Malaysia

With the massive growth worldwide and busy lifestyles, we are tend to go out for our meals and food services all are growing at the rate of 6% per year and this actually encourages the daily giant Fronterra from New Zealand and I’ll be rolling out their new global service brand which is the Anchor Food Professinals. 

The Anchor Foof Profesionals reflects the way the food services teamsters doing business and they are working alongside  with customer to bring business and product solution that answer yes found such as improving profitability and reducing waste. 

And being the pioneer in the market, they had work with big hotels or quick service restaurants (QSR) and I am definate you had tasted the Fonterra’s dairy pieces such as their delicious and extra stringy mozzarella cheese, Anchor culinary creams, cream cheese and butter. 

And being that, Ms Linda Tan, Head of Anchor Food Professionals Malaysia said that Malaysia one of the first few markets to roll out the new proposition which acting them as true consultants such as exciting new tastes and products for chefs, bakers, caterers, commercial, kitchens, hotels, restaurants, quick service restaurants and cafe. The team will help business in all aspects of their operations from
The front of the house, presentation and pricing as well as promotion. It is to enhance yield and trade and delivering exciting new menu options. With the food experts and in house chefs will help food operators take their business to a different level and bringing them to a competitive edge . 

And globally Fonterra will be rolling out its all Anchor Food Professionals in over 50 countries with over 5000 customer and expects NZ$5 billion business by 2023 with this move. 

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