16 Years of Nostalgic Creations @ Oriental Group of Restaurants

One of the famous Chinese Restaurant in town with reputable names, Oriental Group Restautrant is synonymous with Fine Dining Cantonese Cuisine celebrates their 16 years of culinary excellence with their latest instalment of its annual Grand Diners Series.

Gourmands and loyal fans of the group can now look forward to more exquisite creations fom Chef Justin Hor, the Group’s Executive Chef and his team that showcase the rich and vabiant culinary heritage of the Cantonese people.

And this year, Chef Justin Hor will be focusing and featured legendary “Old Master” Chefs of “Loh Si Fus” as well as renowned international chefs from the famous Cantonese Culinary regions such as Hong Kong and the Shun De district in Guangdong, the birthplace of many famous chefs in China. Together with Group’s In House talent, these chefs with stellar reputation in the industry have developed many ambitious and authentic taste-making menus highlighting definitive dishes from 1960s, 30 years of Hong Kong cuisine and other iconic themes.  And bringing you with the theme of 16 Years of Nostalgic Creation, you will be assured with good stuff on your way!


Baby Pomfret with Cili Padi & Crispy Minced Garlic (RM 28++  for portion of 6 pcs)

The baby pomfret is carefully selected, seasoned and deep fried till crispiness. Drizzled with the cili padi and also the crispy minced garlic on top. It brings you the aromatic flavours with the crispy addictive bites with it. Don’t waste any parts of the fish where you can enjoy everything inclusive the bones. That’s perfectly a good appetiser to start off.


Crispy Clam Roll Marinated with Five Spices (RM 28++ per portion of 8 pcs)

The lovely done clam roll which is different from many places we had. The clam roll is deliciously done with the juicy bites in it where the meat is carefully minced together with carrot and clams in it.  And it is them marinated with the five spices powder and deep fried till golden brown. Awesomely delicious whee I love the aromatic taste of the crispy clam roll and it is well compliments with the chilly sauce with it.


Sea Grass with Shredded Yam tossed with Chef’s Special Sauce (RM 18+ small)
Using the modern ingredients, Chef Hor uses the sea grass jelly instead of the seaweed. Tossed with the light flavours in it, it brings you up with the sweet and savoury twist. The bite is wonderfully crispy and we cleared the plate in minutes.

Black Squid Ink Ball with Sesame Seed

The deliciously done Black Squid Ink Balls is indeed bouncy and savoury. Covered with the sesame seed . Indeed enjoyable munch with the bouncy texture and light crisp in it. Paired together with the cherry tomato and cucumber.


Imperial Rejuvenation Soup (RM 258 ++ per pax)

Using the premium ingredients , the bowl of hot soup is completed with the 4-head Abalone, Superior Shark’s Fin, Fresh Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber, Japanese Dried Scallop, Conch, Yunnan Ham, Japanese Mushroom, Pork Tendon, Chicken, Ginseng, Superior Tong Sum, Huai San and Wolfberries. The hearty bowl of soup is being double boiled for 6 hours in the special bone china bowls which is made in Chiu Chow. It is perfectly made just for this occasion. And what’s more interesting is the recipe that was taught to Chef Justin by his master, retired Chef Fok You Wing from Hong Kong, whom he worked for as apprentice in Singapore and Malaysian for around 6 years.

The bowl of soup is just gorgeous with the packed flavourful taste in it. Love how this is done, especially the tender abalone, as well as the deliciously fresh fish maw. Love how everything in it and we are indeed filled up with the soup alone.


Roasted Baby HK Pigeon (RM 45++ each)

Another highlights is of course the Roasted Baby Hong Kong Pigeon. Sourced all the way from Chong San with the perfect size of 250gm each, the baby pigeon is being cooked to the tender perfection allowing its succulent fragrant meat to be enjoyed with its soft bones. We are all truly indulged with it even we are quite full at the time, but when it served the aromatic smell of its makes our tummy drolls again. Crispy skin, juicy meat something must order when you are there.



Traditional Stuffed Whole Chinese Cabbage (RM 138++ per portion of 10 pax)

Being one of the famous dishes during the 60s, it is said that this dish is simply tedious to prepare and requires great skill to produce. The selection of the fresh ingredient itself is important as the Chinese cabbage must not be too tight so that he heart of the cabbage can be easily removed. Once the ingredients are stuffed into the cabbage, it has to be tied with a delicate water reed, not to tightly or too loosely, to prevent the stuffed ingredient from overflowing. The whole stuffed cabbage is braised for three hours before serving and this deceptively simply dish comes with complex flavours fit for king. Love all the goodies inside the cabbage especially the fresh sweet crab meat , dried scallops and water chestnut. Not just that, the textures of the cabbage itself comes with the sweet vegetables tastes and it is also flavourful too.

Steamed Water Prawn on Glutinous Rice (RM 33++ per pax (min 2 pax))

This is awesomely delicious. I love the overpowering Bentong ginger taste as I am a big fans of ginger and love how it is done with the robust flavours in it Topped with the sweet prawns on top. It is perfectly a good match with the glutinous rice making it even more delicious with the luscious prawn roes.


Sweetened Red Bean Paste Double Boiled with Old Guangzhou Orange Peel (RM 12++ per pax) 

No one will leave here with some desserts. Not just their mains are perfectly delicious, but their desserts is definitely melts you too. Using their 3 year old imported orange peel from China, it brings you with the aromatic notes with the right balanced of sweetness. Love how it is done, especially Chef Hor took extra efforts in soaking the red beans a day before and using the imported orange peel.



Peony White Lotus & Crystal Pumpkin Dumpling (RM 12++ per pax)

And of course, end your meals with the flaky white lotus paste as well as the chewy crystal pumpkin dumpling.

This 16 Anniversary special set menu is available for a limited period from 5 August to 30 September 2016 at all participating outlets under the Oriental Group of Restaurants. The set menu is priced at RM2,888 nett per table of 10 pax. Diners can also enjoy these dishes on an ala carte basis from 1 to 30 September 2016. In conjunction with their 16 Anniversary celebrations, all participating restaurants will be giving customers a complimentary dish from the set menu (suitable for 10 pax) with every set menu purchase.

*Reservations during this period are encouraged to avoid disappointment as some of the dishes require time to prepare.

Contact the respective restaurants for further enquires and reservations:
Oriental Pavilion             03 7956 9288
Oriental Banquet            03 7957 8488
Oriental Viva                 03 9283 8833
Noble House                  03 2145 8822
Noble Mansion               03 7932 3288
The Ming Room              03 2284 8822
The Han Room               03 2284 8833
Maju Palace *pork free   03 2691 8822

For more details about Oriental Group, visit their Website: www.orientalrestaurants.com.my or Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheOrientalGroupofRestaurants



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    Thanks for the recommendation. I was there with my family last week and the meal is fab. Just so good that relative are so happy with the meal. Thanks again for the good recommendation. Love your web too. Keep up the good job

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