Nam Heong Ipoh @ DaMen Mall USJ : A taste of Ipoh

Located in Da Men, one can try the Nam Heong which is one of the packed outlet here. Originated from Ipoh, you can now enjoy the traditional coffee shop in old town Ipoh which has brings you with the all the local delicacies . One of their signature is it course the egg tart which had been them for  nearly 60 years legacy.

In accordance with bringing these amazing food to present tech concentrated market, enjoy The Nam Heong with those new tech concept where one can order by using gadgets like iPad to minimize time and miscommunication.

Being in Nam Heong one can try their silky smooth coffee (RM 3.80)  or tea from the original location which is from Ipoh. Who would miss coffee when in Ipoh of course no! I am not missing this though!

And now they are launching this special menu (Lunch & Dinner)  where it is only available from 01 July 2016 till 30 September 2016 ONLY in Damen Outlet. 

Lunch Menu 

Nam Heong Ipoh Nasi Lemak (RM 12.90)
Must try here is the all time Malaysian favorite where you can enjoy your nasi lemak with a twist there where it comes with combination of aromatic pandas rice, fierce sambal with cockles and also the crispy luncheon meat and cool cucumber to balance up the flavors. Love the aromatic pandan rice and what shrouded me is. They served those crispy luncheon meat and pipping spicy sambal.

Ipoh Nasi Ganja (RM 15.90)
I had heard so much about nasi ganja in Ipoh and in here you can find some warm delights  of the Indian curry sauce, topped with the sambal and the chicken innerds, deep fried lemongrass chicken and salted eggs. I am actually impressed with the nasi ganja especially with the creamy curry sauce with it.

Sze Chuan Spicy Noodles (RM 8.90)
Something unique here ! You can enjoy those inhouse homemade pan me which is filled with the bowl of Sze Chuan Soup. The sze chuan soup is complete with the lack fungus, tou fu slices, bamboo slices and mushroom slices. Nice bowl of silky noodle with a bit of spiciness in it.

Sze Chuan Spicy Soup ( RM 5.90)
Just want some spicy soup but not noodles; you have got a choice and hear you go with the spicy soup where it comes with a hot, pipping bowl of meat -free goodness. The bowl of Sze Chuan Spicy Nooldes comes on time to burst the spicy sensation with the fiery craving where it’s complete with the black fungus, tou fu slices, bamboo slices and mushroom slices. Nicely done! If you think it’s not sour enough, add a squeeze of lime in it to enhance your taste -buds.

Aromatic Indian Fried Chicken (RM 5.90)
There you go with this wholesome aromatic chicken. Well deep fried till perfection till golden brown. It’s simply juicy but slightly lack of the lemon-grass flavours in it.

Dinner Menu

The dinner menu comes simply affordable where they comes with Set of Two which is at affordable pricing. For this round they have 2 choices of dinner menu where one is the Nam Heong Chicken Rice and another is the Nam Heong Claypot Bak Kut Teh

Nam Heong Claypot Chicken Rice (RM 24.90 (Set of Two))
Enjoy the smokey , toasted chicken rice which is served in the hot claypot, Ipoh Bean Sprout , and smooth fish paste Soup. It is indeed a complete set for a dinner.


For me, I love all this goodies from the claypot rice where it is warm, and good complete with the cubes of chicken ,mushrooms, and also slices of chinese sausages with it. By using the jasmine rice together with the minced salted fish on top ; it it indeed enhanced the whole bowl of rice.

Deliciously good. For the fish paste, it is combined with some pork and fish paste in it but it is slightly salty to my tastebuds.


Nam Heong Bak Kut Te (RM 32.90)
Not a fans of Claypot Chicken Rice,then try their bak kut teh. The bowl of bak kut teh comes with the palatable pork ribs, and pork belly, mushroom, braised eggs, Ipoh bean sprouts , fried fritters and white rice. It is a perfect dining for bak kut teh lover. Portion is pretty generous, but the soup base is not to my liking as the base is slightly sweet. I still prefer those with the thick herbal taste.

Overall, Nam Heong in Da Men indeed bringing you their delightful menu with the unbeatable valuable price as the prices stated are all nett price.  Don’t miss the promotion and heads to Da Men for this awesome porky dishes and Ipoh delights.

Nam Heong Ipoh
LG 21, Da:Mén, Persiaran Kewajipan, USJ 1, Subang Jaya, Selangor. Daily, 10am-10pm
Phone: +60 3-8011 7330
Web :
GPS Location: 3.0350022,101.5881736


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