Livia : The Off Switch for Menstrual Pain

Livia, also known as the off switch for menstrual cramps, is a discrete wearable device which is used during menstruation to organically block pain receptors through electrical stimulation. Livia was unveiled on Indiegogo and is aiming to bring the device into mass production to help the countless women who suffer from severe cramps, in a drug-free, all-natural way.

No matter what term they use, riding the crimson wave, or mother nature’s monthly gift, any woman will tell you that getting your period sucks! Dealing with bloating and food cravings is so uncomfortable, not to mention the most wonderful womanly experience: cramps. They can sometimes be so severe that women often call in sick to work, and stay in bed popping pain killers, waiting for them to kick in.

Livia’s portable device, on the other hand, provides instant relief from cramps, and lasts up to 15 hours on a single charge, long after those pills wore off. The company has tapped into physiotherapy tech to block pain receptors through electrical pulses. This is a game changer, especially during times when Aunt Flo can keep women in bed all day.

Livia is extremely user friendly, and a natural alternative to painkillers and other drugs. The fun colors, and non-conventional design make it even more discreet. The device provides instant relief from cramps in three easy steps:

Users attach the gel pads to their lower abdomen or lower back (wherever they’re feeling pain).
The device is then clipped on (to their waistband, for example).

Livia is turned on (with a simple on/off switch) and voila!

“With Livia, women everywhere can have a more comfortable period,” said Livia’s CEO Chen Nachum. “Especially with people looking into holistic alternatives for food, medicine, and other industries, Livia is the natural step to take in order to get relief from menstrual pain, especially for women whose cramps can really be debilitating.”

It looks like it is a great product and now it is in the fundraising stage. I wish to have one now too. Checkout about them HERE

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