Concubine Lane, Ipoh : Over 100 years History

If you are in Ipoh and around the famous Thean Chun Kopitiam, why not drop by to Concubine Lane which is one of the famous lane in Ipoh.

This was Lorong Panglima, or Yi Lai Hong (Concubine Lane) where it is rumoured that wealthy merchants and the British officers would keep their mistress here. True not? I am not too sure but they are many rumours that siad so. In here there are 27 wooden pre-warhouse within the street and now they had converted most of it to be business street

Concubine Lane might be the next major tourist attraction in the Ipoh city. Now is time to travel to Ipoh again!


Panglima Lane

GPS Location: 4.5961914,101.0778916

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