Located in Sinsaibashi; the restaurant brings you with a great sushi and sashimis. Since we are walking around, we spotted the restaurant and we decided to get a try of the sushi there. The restaurant is kinda small and have a small sitting space.

Chiyawanmushi (‎¥590)
Enjoy a bowl of chawanmushi where the bowl of steam egg completes with 10 ingridients inclusive prawns,unagi,quill eggs, and more. The bowl of the steam egg is heavenly good where we have no regret of ordering them

Unakyu (‎¥180)
I love the way it is made. The Sea Eel and Cucumber Hand Roll comes awesomely good where the seaweed is simply fragrant and good.

‎Tobikko (¥216)
Love the flying fish roe, the roe is very good and every mouthful is amazingly sweet.

Tamago (¥216) & Unagi (¥519)

Amaebi (¥303)
Simply sweet and irrestible.

Overall, it brings us with a great meals and great ambience.

Osaka O China Sushi
Located around Osaka Prefecture, Osaka, Chuo Ward, Nanba, 5 Chome−1−60

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