It is always good to be in Lai Ching Yuen again and this round Grand Millennium Hotel comes up with their special snack menus to go with the pairing of alcoholic drinks with it. With the lovely menu, you will be pampered be the 12 new sophisticated dishes where it brings you in “tapas” bite size. Prepared ala-minute in front of you by the bar with some alcohol of course, you will definitely pampered with the variety of goodies here.

Fried US Fresh Oyster with Tangy Sauce (RM 12 per pc)
Start of with the juici-licious oysters that is being coated with batter and deep fried till golden yellow. It is then being topped with those refreshing citrus sauce bringing you wih the zesty flavours. The oysters are indeed a good one which is simply fresh and juicy.

Australian Scallop Wrapped in Bacon (RM 18 per pcs)
We are definitely falling in love with this. Who don’t love bacon? This is just perfect where the Australian Scallop is being wrapped with the bacon that brings you with the pulpy juicy flavours from the bacon paired with the smoky light salty aroma from the bacon. Amazingly good. I just need more!

Crispy Bean Curd With Chef Yu’s Special Powder
Crispy at the outside, juicy at the inside. Enjoy the concoction of the special powder with comes with both dried shrimps with the dried chili powder. The crispy crust combining with the smooth aromatic bean curd is such a perfect match. Now, I need my beer!

Braised Pork Belly Mini Sandwich (RM  12 per serving)
Enjoy this ala-chinese mantao style where the pork belly is braised till perfection and leave you with the moist and juicy texture. Nicely done and it is simply too cute to be eaten.

Salt and Pepper Tofu Square (RM 12)
It is a simple dish but it is simply well done, where the tofu is being cut in square pieces and topped with salt and pepper. Deep fried till golden brown. Nice one.


Pumpkin Fritter (RM 12)
Not a fans of pumpkin but this is something worth to try and it is really good. The pumpkin are being smashed and being battered. It is then coated and deep fried and sides with a special Butter Sauce with Curry Leaves. Nicely done, and brings you with the sweet taste of the pumpkin itself.

Soft Shell Crab and Vegetables Fritters (RM 28)
Enjoy the crispy bites of soft shell crab where is perfectly done with a twist by adding the crispy crab with the spring onion, julienne radish and yam.

Salted Egg Yolk With Crispy Fish Skin (RM 18)
We heard a lot of salted egg with crabs, but it is indeed my first time hearing about salted egg yolk with fresh fish skin. The fish skin is being deep fried till perfection with the crunchy bites in it and added with the egg yolk sauce. It is indeed an addictive snacks to munch.

Man Tao With Chilli Crab Sauce (RM 12)
Enjoy the lovely dish of the night. Being a fans of mantao, having the mantao only is already good but with the spicy chili crab sauce,  the taste is even better.

Chinese Pork Sausage Corn Dogs (RM 18)
This is something unique to try off and one can nibble the crunchy bites of the crust combining with the Chinese Sausage with it.

Lotus Roots Chip (RM 12)
One of the appetizing with the crunchy bites. The lotus roots is being cut in thin pieces and battered with tapiocca powder. It is then sprinkled with salt and fried till perfection leaving you with the crispy bites.

Chinese Black Pepper Snails (RM18)
One of the signatures here, the Chinese Black Pepper Snails is served with the Black Pepper Sauce and the taste is pretty unique. Comes with the hint of hot spicy sensation.

Get new delights here at Lai Ching Yuen and you will be assured to pamper till the fullest.

Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur
Lai Ching Yuen Chinese Restaurant
160 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 – 2117 4888
Website: www.millenniumhotels.com
FaceBook: www.facebook.com/grandmillenniumkl

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