To cater to the increasingly sophisticated lifestyle of Malaysians, MyCloudTable, Malaysia’s premier bespoke experiential dining organiser, today hosted an experiential event for invited guests called ‘An Afternoon Flirt’ that combines the very best experiences in dining, coffee brewing and more under one roof for one day.

While many Malaysians enjoy a masterfully brewed cup of coffee and indulge in fine dining on a regular basis, few are able to appreciate the intricate process that goes into each one. ‘An Afternoon Flirt’ aims to both educate and entertain, highlighting and parting the curtain to invited guests to show the steps and secrets to prepare the fine meals and delicious beverages that we enjoy.

Taking place at the Pickle & Fig Café, the event saw invited guests starting off with a primer on coffee production. Event partner Coffex Coffee shared the elaborate process that sees a humble coffee bean turned into an aromatic cup of coffee and how they pick and ground the best beans to create the finest product possible as well as how guests can identify as well as tell coffee beans of superior quality.

Later, the Miss Bee Azez, the master barista of Pickle & Fig Cafégave a primer to guests on how to create beautiful examples of latte art with guests enjoying a direct hands-on experience on how to create fanciful yet edible creations ranging from foamy hearts to elaborate milk-foam sculptures.

Guests were then able to get behind the scenes to see how Pickle & Fig’s master chef Timothy Ryan creates one of the establishment’s most popular dishes. Timothy walked guests through the preparation of Pickle & Fig Café’s world famous Caesar Salad that has earned it rave reviews from food critics nationwide. Throughout the event, Panasonic showcased their latest range of Lumix cameras and allowed guests to experience and use them to take beautiful pictures of their creations.

“Malaysians are increasingly appreciative of a cosmopolitan lifestyle with a growing love for the finer things in life. ‘An Afternoon Flirt’ is the first of many themed experiential events that we have planned which aim to combine the finest experiences in dining in Southeast Asia and beyond along with offerings that cover the latest technologies and lifestyle products with esteemed brand partners,” said Mr. Chong Kee Kiat, the General Manager of MyCloudTable at the event.

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