Ah Fa Roast Fish in Pudu is somehow one of the signatures and must eat when you are in Pudu. The restaurant is simply creative where you can enjoy the deep fried fish, tiger prawns and more. Served in rectangular metal tray, you will be delighted with the scrumptious delicacies all in one pot. The “one-pot-cooked” delights will definitely tempt you till the fullest.

This dish indeed make a big hit here at Ah Fa’s stall from dinner till late. Be there as early as 5 pm and ready to queue and wait for your meals. The location is not so difficult to find as it is located just behind RHB Bank and now they have more comfortable place for those who are looking for air-conditional place to dine where it is named as Fatt Kee Roast Fish Restaurant.

The new brand outlet comes in more spacious, air-condition and it is meant for those who love to dine in proper comfort area. Here, you can sit down and enjoy this delicious food at comfort way.

The menu comes simply simple and straight forward where you can choose from Triple Seafood (RM 88) , Triple Seafood with Signature Fish (RM 99) or Ah Fa Roast Fish (from RM 38) . One can also had their meals topped with those scrumptious ingredient where you can add additional prawns, squid, lala, enoki mushroom and more. After deciding your ingredients, next to decide is the level of spiciness. They have 6 level of spiciness which is Non Spicy, Mildly Spicy, Spicy, Medium Spicy, Very Spicy and Super Spicy. For us, we had the two choices which is the no spiciness and mild spicy.

Here we goes with all the mildly spicy version where the colors does not look red but pale orange. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Even the color does not looks spicy but you will be surprise after the few sip after that. The first sip brings you with the light saltiness but when a few sip of the soup, the spicy taste kick in and eventually I am sipping loads of water by then. The ingredients were plentiful and good especially the fish where they are fresh and comes with the flaky meat.

They also have choices of the Pomfret in their menu too if you are not a fans of talapia fish.


Another version we had is the prawns, where it also soaked in the mild saltiness soup. The soup comes with the combination of sweet and spicy in it. Bringing you with the lips burning sensation. The prawns however comes amazingly good with the complete freshness. Nicely done. Served together with lala, and also some squid and tofu in it.
Cant take spicy? No worries, they have the non-spicy selection. The non-spicy selection comes with a sweeter taste that comes from the vegetables and seafood. I love the flavors of it so much and when you are enjoying the luxurious pot of delights, you can taste the overall sweetness that absorb the essence of soup making it more flavorful. Perfect enjoying with the bowl  of rice.
Looking for some seafood and roast fish dining? It is simply a perfect place to visit.

Jalan Seladang Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
GPS : N 3 08.133 E 101 42.929
Contact No: 016-916 3999
Email : [email protected]

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