Where to eat?  What to eat? Unsure and now OpenRice had their apps upgraded. With one click, you can find where to eat in seconds, news about latest upcoming places to go as well. The apps includes Restaurant, News, Meal Invitation and also Travel Makan.

Eat never be so easy with the apps where you can search  the food you want in one glimpse and the restaurant will pop up by the area you search too.

You can add up to 4 restaurant
Select the time and date you want
And now you can share them and invite them NOW

And now, just look at your phone and choose the outlet you want to go or even you can share them via social media platform like Whatsapp, Facebook or LINE and let them decide where to go.

I find them simply easy especially selection of places for gathering where I just need to put the restaurant up to 4 choices and share within the group chat. We can now compile the list up and discuss and decide. It is simply so easy and convenient.


Via open rice apps, you can search find information and recommendation in Editor Picks. Choose what you plan to eat either to look for NEW RESTAURANT, an afternoon tea, good Japanese Dining or more.
For their editor picks, they come up to have interesting topics like Best Grilled Fish, Where to eat in Atria, and more. Articles are available in Chinese and English too.
You can also filter by places too, like you can filter from country, states and also districts. Example, in Klang Valley, you can find where to eat in Bukit Bintang, Seputeh, Petaling Jaya and more. They also have cuisine selection as well.


Not just that, you want to know whats the talk about in town adn where people go for here. Don’t miss the hype here where you can know more details like the MOST Bookmarked Restaurant. Most Viewed Restaurant and more.


Cafe Hunter? Restaurant Hunter? or FOOD Hunter? You must get the latest hype here also with Open Rice. They have the list for you to follow and you can get all the details with one button.

Planning TRAVEL? But we are in the land of others and sometimes we could not find the hidden treasure or even good food. I still remember my first time to Hong Kong without Open Rice Apps installed and I had wasted few hundreds on the food as food doesn’t turns good and also is super duper expensive. With the apps had installed then, we are a HAPPY tourist, we find hidden gem with GOOD FOOD and also local recommendation. And now the apps  bring me to enjoy GOOD FOOD and FUN time. Where they have them? They have them in few countries : Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and  Thailand !
And now, using the OpenRice apps, I am even happier when you get a chance to win some goodies for your self. They are giving loads of goodies from camera, air fryer, watches, pads, laptop and more in 12 days. From 1 April 2016 – 12 April 2016, download OpenRice latest mobile APP and stay tuned to  OpenRice Malaysia for daily task & mission (HERE) and stand a chance to win fantastic prizes!
Why not download the apps now

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