The beautiful ambience with a gentle tranquilizer for the mind and quality nourishment for the body. It’s one of the city’s most popular locations for weekend brunch, and also Japanese delights. For those who are looking for some lovely sushi dining buffet, Zipangu is definitely not going to let you down. Recently Zipangu launched their Sushi Buffet every Saturday where one can enjoy a variety sushi and sashimi there.

We were there earlier and really amazed with the unique variety sushi which they had in their buffet line. The choices comes out to be quite surprising good with variety of choices there.

They comes with the variety of maki which will definite to start off where they have the Tekka maki, takuan maki, kappa maki and also salmon maki. The maki comes simply fresh and every bites is super perfect. I love the Tamago Yaki here where each of it is well layered with the fragrant taste of the egg itself. Every layered is packed with the sweetness of it.

Enjoy the kick of spiciness here too where they have the amazingly spicy sensation of the sushi. One can try the Red Hot Bull where the slice of beef is topped with mustard leaf, chili padi and aslo paprika. You are definite to enjoy the kick of spiciness here.

Aside from the Signature Red Hot Bull, one can enjoy the Busan Roll which is uniquely good. The spicy cod Innards with the Wasabi Leaf, Cream Cheese and also Crab Meat all together. Asian Rainbow is simply good to my expectation too. Served with the rice pepper, prawns, cucumber, salmon, yellow paprka, shitake and avocado all in one. Burns your lips with the spicy sushi. nIf you are looking for kick of spiciness, burst your mouth with those extra spicy hot sushi which is definitely to give u a kick. The Fire Dragon here is one of the signature here where it is topped with the mala sauce, chili padi, prawn, avocado, and also salmon flake.

Aside from those sushi, they have a variety of unique Japanese delights to go for where you can enjoy the fried egg plant soup, Spicy Mustard Leaf and Minced Meat, Horenso, wakeme Kyuri, Shimmered Bamboo and more.

Don’t miss out the variety choices of sashimi too from the buffet spread like salmon, toro, maguro and yellow tail as well.

They also have udon and ramen available in their menu as well.

As for desserts, I am very impressed and I could not resist to have more. The variety of desserts that capture my attention includes the Durian & Chocolate Tempura Sushi, Japanese Sweet Mochi, Mango Sushi Thai Style and even more. Each item are beautifully displayed and I could not resist each of them where every item of it is sinfully good.

The buffet is priced at  RM105 nett per pax and only available every Saturday.For reservations or more information, call (03) 2074 3900 or email [email protected] or visit our site at


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