Aside from the local style of Chinese New Year Lou Sang, one can try a different style of lou sang. In Hana, they are serving a variety sizes of yee sang where one can enjoy the premium quality of yee sang.
Atlantic premium seafood Lou Sang (big) (8-10 pax) (RM128)
One can enjoy the Atlantic premium seafood Lou Sang which comes with the premium salmon trout and ika topped with those fresh usual yee sang ingredients. Everything was indeed delicious and appetizing. With the quality salmon trout; it is indeed makes the dish awesomely good. Price wise is pretty reasonable.
Medium Yee Sang (5-6pax) (RM 68)  or you can opt for a smaller portion to toss for your prosperity.
Oyamaimo Shake Maki  (RM32)
Asides from the Yee Sang, Hana also launched some special dish as well. One of the signature is of course the Oyamaimo Shake Maki. The dish comes with the Japanese Yam, salmon wrapped in crispy fried seaweed. The dish brings you with the crunchy bites from the Japanese Yam together with the fresh salmon trout.
Hana Shake Omaki (RM 28) 
The dish is simply unique where chef had the salmon and cucumber is well rolled beautifully and topped with chef’s special sauce. It is then being torched with light fire bringing you a flavourful taste.
Kaisen Niniku Nabe (RM 48)
A pot of jewel comes simply awesome where is packed with loads of seafood, mixed mushroom broth witch chopped garlic and miso paste. Nicely done!
Aside, Hana Dining Sake Bar also offers healthy meal for your lunch too. It comes with variety of choices from Teriyaki Ayam Bowl, Mentaiko Cod Fish Bowl, Bara Chirashi, Torched Dice Salmon Bowl, Aussie Gyudon, and also Mentaiko Egg. The set comes with a bowl of Miso Soup.
Teriyaki Ayam Bowl
Torched Dice Salmon
The Torched Dice Salmon served with cubes of salmons,avocado and more in one whole plate. Awesome
Aussie Gyudon.
The Aussie Gyudon comes awesomely good where it is well marinated and thinly sliced. Topped with the wholesome kampong egg on top.
Mentaiko Cod Fish Bowl
The bowl of Mentaiko Cod fish is perfectly good filled with the creamy mentaiko sauce on top as well as  the flaky meat. Nice one.
Bara Chirashi
Mentaiko Egg
Aside from the delicious and healthy delights offers in Hana Dining + Sake Bar, you can also get a cup of the Hana Natural Blends there . They have a variety of blend which definite to refresh yourself and bringing you a healthy lifestyle. Price per natural blends are at RM 12 per glass
Hana Dining+Sake Bar 花酒蔵
OB2.G.U1, Oasis Boulevard, Ground Floor (Opposite Kim Gary)
Sunway Pyramid Mall, Bandar Sunway
Tel: 03-5624 0888
Business hours: Mon-Thu (11:30am – 11pm), Fri-Sat (11:30am – 1am), Sun (11:30am – 11pm)

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