Shang Palace @ Shangri-la Kowloon Hotel, Hong Kong

Shang Palace in Hong Kong had never disappoint us at any way. During our stay in Shangri-La Kowloon, we entered the lovely hotel and we are served with the premium food and also services for sure.
Barbecued Pork Loin Glazed with Honey Sauce
Sauteed fresh milk, and egg white with hairy crab served in rice cake.
Deep fried whitebat with Smoked Seas Salt
The trio combination which comes amazingly good. We can’t believe how it is done and every mouthful comes amazingly good especially the pork loin. The pork loin is moist and juicy bites that not be missed. The Sauteed fresh milk, and egg white with hairy crab served in rice cake is simply fragrant. The deep fried whitebat brings you with the crispy texture and complete with light saltiness in it. 
Pan Fried Scallops Filled with Minced Shrimp and Crab Carol
The moist and juicy scallops comes awesomely good where the scallop brings you with the complete juiciness in it and topped with the fragrant in it.
Double Boiled Chicken Broth with Bamboo Fungus and Sea Conch Served in Young Coconut 
The broth is light and filled with all the goodies in one bowl. Nutritously good and delicious. 
Oven Baked Cod Fish (sustainable glacier 51) with egg white and conpoy
The cod fish is well infused with their signature sauce and baked till perfection.  The cod fish is indeed delicious and meat wise comes simply flaky. Below completes with the egg white and conpoy with it.

Sauteed assorted vegetables served in pumpkin
Love some vegetables, try their assorted vegetables in the pumpkin.  Crispy bites of vegetables and each munch is amazingly good! 

Baked sliced abalone and inaniwa noodles with cheese served in a mini pumpkin
The dish is amazingly unique where the inawa noodles and sliced abalone in inside and topped with the baked cheese on the top. Awesomely good and delicious!

Shang Palace trio of desserts 
The trio desserts is simply cute where it comes with the baked biscuits, mango sago jelly and fruits cube.
The overall taste is amazingly delicious. I love every bites of it and the whole experience is just awesome. 
Address: Kowloon Shangri-La, Hong Kong, 64 Mody Rd, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2733 8754
GPS Location: 22.2969783,114.1770121

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