KFC has created a new edition in its delicious Zinger Rice Wrap range, featuring the new KFC Wasabi Rice Wrap, a wholesome wrap with a zap of the thrilling and flavourful Wasabi mayonnaise!
The new Wasabi Rice Wrap consists of two succulent Zinger strips fried to perfection, topped with the uniquely delicious Wasabi mayonnaise, savory seaweed rice, crunchy cucumber strips and diced tomatoes, all neatly wrapped in a warm wholesome toasted tortilla.
“We’ve designed the perfect rice meal for busy food lovers. The KFC Wasabi Rice Wrap is an exciting, delightfully fun and satisfying meal that you can eat conveniently no matter what you’re doing. With an extra kick of the delicious wasabi mayo, it will surely give your taste buds a thrill in every bite!” said Ling Mee Jiuan, Senior Vice President, KFC Malaysia.
Ling continued to say that the product is mainly targeted at the “youth and the young working professionals who love challenging conventions and are open to trying new things but are often slapped with the challenge of being time-poor due to their busy on-the-go lifestyles.”
The mouthwatering wrap is priced at RM5.90 (ala’ carte) and RM8.90 for a combo that includes a regular fries and a refreshing 7Up Lemon Mint drink. The new Wasabi Rice Wrap is available at all KFC restaurants nationwide starting from 5 January 2016, while stocks last. So don’t miss your chance to have a taste of this delightful new item!

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