Located in Sri Petaling,Yamabuki Udon which hails all the way from Japan to Ipoh and finally now here.
The restaurant which is operated by a lovely couple to serve the lovely Japanese Udon to Malaysians.
Yasai Kakiage Bukkake Udon (RM 15) 
The cold noodles is served with the deep fried mix vegetables with the thick brooth. The noodles is indeed well made with the slurpy blend of taste in it. Awesomely good.
Ontama Udon (RM 12) 
One of the basic to have in udon, the Ontama Udon is a good one where we are filled with the well made onsen egg on top of the pipping hot soup.
Char Siew Udon (RM 19) 
Meat lover would prefer having this where the char siew which is well cooked till the complete tender and juiciness in it. I love the way it is done with the complete juiciness in it.
Kama Tama Mentai Butter Udon (RM 15) 
Unique taste of the seasonal cod roe and butter with egg yolk, the kaagame udon make a good match which end us with a slurpilicious delights.
Buta Katsu Rice (RM 21)
Not a fans of udon, they have rice set too. Their curry rice is indeed a good one  where the pork is being breaded and deep fried till perfection. It is then being drenched with the delicious and creamy curry on top.
Saba Yuanyaki (RM 12) 
Deliciously done, the markeral is being grilled till the crispy skin  aand served together with the citrus sudachi sauce.
Salad Udon (RM  17) 
The nicely done salad, the slurpy udon drenched with the right amount of the fragrant sesame dressing and served together with the tuna tamago with  it.
Ebi & Yasai Moric
Indeed a great one where the assorted prawns and vegetable are deep fried till golden brown leaving you with the crispy bites.
Sashimi Salmon (RM 13)
Fresh Salmon Slice which surprisingly very good and delish.
Overall, the meals here indeed a lovely one. The udon has a good quality and what I love is the Salad Udon, Kama Tama Mentai Butter Udon and the Fresh Salmon.
5, Jalan Radin Bagus 3,
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,
Sri Petaling, 5700
03-9055 3719


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