A popular venue for Hong Kong’s traditional Dim Sum, Tin Lung Heen also features an elegant setting, impeccable service and a spectacular view from the 102nd floor. The beautiful scenic location and the distinction of two Michelin stars restaurant, one must not missed the meals here if you are in Hong Kong.

Its floor to ceiling windows give a birds eye view over Hong Kong harbour, and it is so high up that it is actually at or above the level of the clouds.

Thanks for the wonderful invitation by the Ritz Calton Hong Kong team for the lovely meal which is indeed memorable one.
the ritz hk
Barbecued Iberian pork with honey 蜜燒西班牙黑豚肉叉燒 (HK$308)
The lovely Iberian Pork is well barbecued till perfection and topped with the honey. Each mouthful is sinfully good- tender and juicy meat, with the tip top fragrant from the light char-taste.
the ritz hk

the ritz hk

Double-boiled chicken soup with fish maw in baby coconut 原個椰皇花膠燉雞 (HK$398 per person)
The nutritious soup served in the baby coconut brings us with the sweet sensation from the double boiled techniques. The fresh blend of taste from the coconut combining with the nutritious chicken soup and fish maw is really a good one.

the ritz hk
Pan-fried Kurobuta pork rolled with foie gras黑豚肉煎鵝肝卷 (HK$288 per person)
Filled your tummy with this delicious Kurobuta pork rolled with foie gras. The lovely delicious pork which is well cooked and served with the luxury foie gras with it. Well pan fried till perfection and every mouthful is super good and makes me feel like having more.
the ritz hk
Braised bamboo fungus with spinach and black truffle松露翡翠竹笙卷 (HK$226)
Bringing you with the awesomely good vege delights ; it is just perfectly done with the fresh taste . Unique delights as I have never tasted this before in Malaysia.
the ritz hk
Fried rice with seafood, egg white and pine nut蛋白松子海鮮炒飯 HK$256
End your self with the hearty bowl of fried rice. Well stir fried till perfection with the egg white and topped with the generous amount of seafood with it.
the ritz hk
Chilled mango cream with sago, pomelo and aloe vera蘆薈香芒楊枝甘露HK$90 per person
We ended with some sweet delights- The chilled mango cream with sago, pomelo and aloe vera. Sweet and refreshing delights to end our lovely evening

Level 102, International Commerce Ctr.
1 Austin Road West
Kowloon, Hong Kong
852 2263 2270


  1. Shivani says

    Omgosh the plating for the food looks great. Love the Pan-fried Kurobuta pork rolled with foie gras – it looks delicious

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