Hana Dining & Sake Bar is one of my favorite place for meal after the first time encounter. This time around, Christmas coming soon and we are here to try out their latest promotion which is the latest Christmas Jolly Kaiseki. Created in omakase style by their experience chef, it would be a great evening to enjoy with your love ones. The menu specially created by Hana’s chef is aptly named the Jolly Kaiseki, going for RM130++ exclusive of GST.



The delicious six course meal started with their signature appetizers which is the Squid stuffed with preserved cucumber (Ikakyuri) and really yummy Crispy Cod Fish layered with sweet potato. The deliciously done item which is a must order item when I am here is indeed included in their Christmas set.The sweet and savory dish kick off your meals the night before having more great food.

Don’t miss out their delectable Fresh Oyster with the Salmon Belly. Served on a bed of ice, each items are fresh. The oysters are huges and good bringing the hint of light saltiness and creaminess in it. As for the salmon, they are using the premium grade of salmon where you are ensured with the good creamy and melts in the mouth sensation in it.


Hana Dining & Sake Bar comes with more suprises for the night where you can savour the a very exotic seasonal dish- The Wanmono. The Steamed Milt of Cod in “Sake” and Bonito Flake Broth which comes in sweet soup with the cod sperm in it. Well, the dish need courage to try them but if you could not take the milt, there is an option to change to soup to other types of soup. The white milt of cod surprisingly good, brings you with the milkly and creamy temptations.


Yakimono – Baked papaya with seafood and mushroom (Papaya Motoyaki) is one of my favorite in the Omakase Set. The huge papaya slices topped with the cheese and shrimps on top together with some mushroom pieces. The dish comes simply awesome and double thumbs up where it brings the combination of savoury and sweetness all in one.


Menrui – Seaweed boletus pasta and Grilled King Prawn with crab paste is indeed a dish which will never disappoint you. The grilled prawns with the ikura stiffing just perfect and it makes the prawn awesomely good and complete with the sweetness in it. The seaweed boletus pasta makes a good pair to ends the hearty meal of the night.



Of course, meals never end without desserts. Not something fancy but they serves with their signature Tofu cheese cake with home made white sesame ice cream. Sweet and creamy indulgence.

Jolly Kaiseki Set @ Hana Dining & Sake Bar, Sunway Pyramid
Available date and time:
– 24-25/12, 2 time slots, 6:00pm~8:30pm or 8:30pm~11:00pm
– 31/12-1/1/16, 2 time slots, 6:00pm~8:30pm or 8:30pm~11:00pm
– 26/12-30/12 dinner time with no time slot

Price: RM130+6% GST

To enjoy an Early bird discount 10% for Jolly Kaiseki:
1. PM Hana Dining and Sake bar at Hana Facebook ( and they will provide bank detail for RM60/pax deposit to reserve your date and time slot.
2. Call them at 03-56240888 for reservation and show them the RM60/pax deposit and they will secure your time slot.

Hana Dining & Sake Bar
Sunway Pyramid Mall, OB2.G.U1,
Oasis Boulevard, Ground Floor,
No.3, Jalan PJS 11/15 (Above RedBox),
47500 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



  1. says

    Oh omakase style! Love it because you will be surprised on what the chef will dish out. Never knew of this restaurant’s existence in Sunway Pyramid though, oops.

  2. Betty Liew says

    The oyster really fresh. The price a bit expensive. Not sure the food portion is big or small? I still like Japanese sushi. thanks for sharing this.

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