Located at one of the malls in Macau, we visited a great restaurant which brings us delicious food from the Michelin Chef. Wong Kun (皇冠小館) which has a few outlets in Macau is widely reported by several media in Macao, Next Magazine, Guang Zhou Daily and more.

While entering to the restaurant; you will be able to spot those photos of the flim stars posted on the wall inclusive HK artist like Allan Tam, Dominic Lam Ka-wah, Matthew Ko and many more.

Owner Mr. Cheng, who is native Macanese, has over 30 years of experience when it comes to making noodles using the traditional bamboo pressing method. His shop opened back in 2000 but such was its popularity that he later expanded into next door. A selection of traditional Cantonese dishes is offered but most come here for the sea crab congee and the bamboo noodles with dried shrimp roe (which is also sold in bottles in the shop). We started off with a huge variety of their signatures.

Deep Fried Lancelets with Spices Salt (MOP138)
Selected from the best lancelets, it is being deep fried till perfection with salt and pepper leaving us with the crispy and crunchy texture. Amazingly good.

Shrimp Roe Stir Fried (MOP 73)
One of the signatures here, by using the traditional bamboo noodle pressing techniques  melded with the freshduck eggs to create a fine and crispy texture. Wong Kun’s noodles are well sprinkled with the sautéed shrimp roe and stirred in pork brewed broth to add a sophhicated touch. It takes about 3-4 hours of hard work each time. Awesomely good.

Sea Crab Congee (MOP 250 (2 pax) / MOP 450 ( 4 pax)
I love the sea crab congee where it is well simmered and yuba for over  three hours. Then it is melded with meat of the finest brackish seawater crab in smooth congee. The stunning orangish congee is made of a giant sea crab and I am indeed falling in love with it especially it has the strong umami of the seacrab in the casserole of congee.

Pan-Fried Oyster Pancake(MOP 88)
The lovely oyster pancake is pretty good where there are plenty of oysters in it. Well prepared till perfection, the taste is amazingly good.

Curry Fish Balls (MOP 78)
This is amazingly good. The curry fishballs double thumbs up and one of my favorite too. The golden brooth with the fragrant curry

Shrimp Dumpling (MOP 78)
The shrimp dumplng is indeed a good one comes with the pluppy dumpling and juicy one. Every mouthful is double thumbs up too.

Sauteed Beef with Spicy Paste (MOP138)
For those who love beef, you may opt for the tender juicy beef with light kick of spiciness in it

Unit J, 1/F Ginza Plaza, Nos 1-15, Ruo De Pedro Nolasco da Silva, Macau
Tel: 2837 1367

Other Outlet
Nos 308 -310, Ruo de Campo, Macau
Tel :  2837 2248

Tel: 8883 3338

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