Tefal, the world’s leading cookware and small home appliances maker, introduces the ‘Tefal Comfort Max’ and ‘Tefal Emotion’ stainless steel cookware ranges that are created for different profiles and needs. Designed for safe and easy handling, the Tefal Comfort Max range is highly ergonomic for comfortable usage, whereas the Tefal Emotion range boasts a trendy selection that produces delicious and healthier cooking.

While developing its stainless steel cookware range, Tefal researched the styles of cooking and found that different people had their own methods of food preparation. This resulted in Tefal designing specialised stainless steel ranges to suit these diverse profiles and needs.
·         The Beginner: Novices who mostly cook by necessity. Ideal for students and first-time chefs.

·         The Family Chef: Often multi-tasks while fulfilling their duties, the family chefs find utensils that assist them in their daily cooking for families and loved ones.

·         The Expert: Well-experienced cooks who look for the best utensils to complement their cooking skills.

·         The Cooking Lover: Passionate chefs who constantly seek high-end, cutting-edge utensils that are appealing and stimulate their creativity for cooking.

Whether you are a novice, expert, dutiful or passionate cook, you will be able to find the right stainless steel range with Tefal.
Driven by the strong will of providing high quality and long lasting products, Tefal introduces two new stainless steel cookware ranges in Malaysia: ‘Tefal Comfort Max’ and ‘Tefal Emotion’ for family chefs and cooking lovers. Both of these ranges are warranted up to ten years[1], enabling you to enjoy long lasting, high quality cookware.

Easy & Smart Cooking with Tefal Comfort Max
For family chefs on the rush, Tefal developed the Comfort Max for comfortable and smart use every day. Ergonomic and practical, the Tefal Comfort Max stainless steel cookware range has a perfect grip that manages to stay cool thanks to its soft touch handles. The robust and comfortable shape is durable for intensive cooking, making it ideal for large families.

In addition, the Tefal Comfort Max frypans are made with Tefal’s high quality stainless steel that is able to withstand high temperatures, corrosion, acidity, metal utensils, and rust. The high edges on the frypan make it perfect to cook large quantities.

Enjoy Delicious & Healthier Cooking with Tefal Emotion
Targeting smaller households and gastronomy aficionados, the Tefal Emotion stainless steel cookware range is the perfect match for cooking lovers on the lookout for the latest trends in cookware. The elegant stainless steel inserts within the handles give it a stylish premium appeal. To complement the polished stainless steel design, the Tefal Emotion stainless steel cookware range are made with high quality materials, thereby maximising durability and increasing the pleasure of cooking for chefs.

Similarly, the Tefal Emotion frypans warrant an extra durable glide thanks to the Tefal Titanium high resistance non-stick coating and the outstanding Grand Chef Shape design.

Being the leader in cookware for over 60 years, Tefal is known as the specialist of non-stick coatings, all of which are fully recognisable with the integrated red ThermoSpot® pad that informs you to cook at the optimal temperature garnering perfect cooking results. Armed with its expertise in consumer knowledge, product usage, technology and ergonomics, Tefal imagines and finds solutions to make everyone’s life more convenient.

Likewise, the Tefal Emotion frypans are integrated with Tefal’s red ThermoSpot® pad that informs chefs when the optimal temperature has been reached for healthy cooking. To garner exceptional cooking results, both of these stainless steel ranges are also equipped with an optimal heat diffusion base technology that guarantees homogenous cooking. The extra thick anti-deformation base is also compatible with all hobs, including induction hobs. Both saucepans and stewpots of the ranges come with highly visible measuring marks that allow for accurate measurement and cooking.

The Tefal Comfort Max and Tefal Emotion stainless steel cookware range will be available in main department stores by May 2015 at the retail price range of RM99.90 to RM169 for Comfort Max; and RM169 to RM259 for Emotion.

For more information on Tefal’s products, please visit www.tefal.com or contact customer service: +603-7802 3000.


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