Is time again for Tony Roma’s New Promotion – OFF THE GRILL where this round they brings you with the exciting grill items compliments with their signature marination and sauce.
tony roma

Honey Lime Shrimp Salad (RM 31.69)
Start off with some greenies where the Grilled Shrimps infused in their marination sauce for 4 hours and served with the Asian salad mix, honey lime dressing, mango, avocado, tortilla strips, feta cheese, tomatoes and cilantro. Good to have them together with the greenies as taking the shrimps alone would be very salty.

tony roma
Cajun Spiced Onion Loaf (RM 14.73)
Spanish Onions, breaded and deep fried served with the Sriracha ranch sauce. Deliciously done with the blend of the fragrant Cajun spiced infused in it.
tony roma
Barbecue Trio (RM 74.09)
Comes in a huge portion meant to share or for big eaters, you have them all. Served with 2 beef ribs- sweet and black peper bbq sauce, ¼ of the white BBQ chicken with the white BBQ sauce and 1 lamb sausage with the mustard sauce. Served together with the generous portion of coselaw and fries.

tony roma
White Barbecue Chicken (RM 32.75)
The juicy half chicken blasted with the white barbecue sauce and it is served together with the French Fries and Coleslaw.

For those who are looking for something different from their usual menu, do drop by Tony Roma’s to check out their new ‘OFF THE GRILL’ promotion one of these days. For more information, do visit them at www.facebook.com/TRMalaysia or www.tonyromas.com.my

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