Seafood is the all-time favourite for plenty of us. Featuring the luxurious ingredients – Lobster and Crab, Café Allegro meticulously prepares “Lobster and Crab Indulgence” Dinner Buffet to satisfy your appetite through a culinary journey under the sea.

Using only the freshest and best seasonal products, a series of gastronomic Lobster dishes bring you exceptional dining experience. The light Lobster Tartar and Lobster & Salmon Roe Salad are the prefect appetizers to start your meal. Offering a rich and long aftertaste, Baked Lobster with Cheese and Spicy Sautéed Lobster Claws with Crispy Fried Garlic are the delights you shouldn’t miss.

The combination of finest ingredients and different kinds of cooking method offers a sophisticated taste of the Crab. Highlights include Mango and Snow Crabmeat Salad in Jar, Spicy Sautéed Crab with Crispy Fried Garlic, Steamed Blue Crab and Rice in Lotus Leaf, Baked Crabmeat and Seafood, plus many more. The fresh, sweet and succulent Crab meat is tempting and irresistible.

Other lavish choices include 8 kinds of Signature Seafood (British Bread Crab, Chilled Boston Lobster, Snow Crab Leg, Cold Shrimp, Jade Whelk, Mussel, Scallop and Smoked Salmon), made-to-order Sea Urchin Sushi at the Japanese counter, 40-inch Spanish Style Paella, Foie Gras Parfait with Brioche and Figs Jam, U.S.A. Roasted Beef, signature Indian curry at the Indian Corner and authentic Vietnamese snacks.

Those with a sweet tooth will be delighted by the freshly baked desserts such as 48-inch Mille Feuille, Classic Alaska Cake, Chocolate Truffle Cake, Creamy Hokkaido 3.6 Milk Panna Cotta, Passion Fruit Crème Brulee, Apple Chestnut Tart and colourful Mini Macaron. All are aesthetically pleasing both your eyes and palate.

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