Renowned Japanese outlet – Sasagawa brings you with the special Kansai Menu where you can savour the best gastronomy from the southern part of Japan. During the event, we are able to try the featured fresh sashimi which is directly imported from Japan, Ise Lobster Gusokuni (simmered dish) , seasonal vegetables with Yuzu Flavored Stock ( pot stew) , Echizen Soba Salad (Oshinogi), grilled sea eel with grilled sea eel Yishino-Kuzu Ankake ( steamed dish) , Autumn Mushroom Takikomi Gohan ( Oshokuji) and finally salted beans ( rice cake stuffed with sweet bean paste)
“All the offerings are prepared using the finest Kansai tradition and also the best ingridients we can source” adds Chef Sasagawa
Mixed Autumn Vegetable Topped with the Sesame Cream
We started off with the Appetizers whcih is the Mixed Autumn Vegetable Topped with the Sesame Cream. The dish is awesomely good where Chef had used the Daikoku Shimeji Mushroom which is imported all the way from Kyoto. It is such a refreshing salad and every mouthful is divinely good.
Fresh Sashimi
Served graciously on the plate and it is served with the Tanimachi Ponzu all the way from Osaka. Dipping the fresh sashimi with the Tanimachi Ponzu comes simply delicious and good where it give a light hint of yuzu in the sauce. Very refreshing!
Simmered Dish Ise Lobster Gusokuni
The fresh sweet appetizing lobster which is imported all the way from Mie is being light boiled with the vegetable. The Ise Lobster is amazingly delicious with the complete sweetness in its meat with the tender and juicy meat.


Seasonal Vegetable with Yuzu Flavoured Stock
The Hot pot comes simply good where the seasonal vegetables is being served with two types of fish which is the Red Snapper from Kouchi and Saikyo Miso from Kyoto. The fish comes simply fresh where it is simply juicy with every bites of it. The soup remains is sweetness and it is simply good and delicious.


Oshinogi: Echizen Soba Salad
For some cold sensation, try their cold soba where the Echizen Soba is imported all the way from Fukui. Each and every mouthful of the soba is super-licious with the slurpy sensation.

Steamed Dish: Grilled Sea Eel With Harvest Steamed Yoshino-Kuzu Ankake
The Sea Eel (Yaki Anago) imported all the way from Osaka is being grilled till perfrction and served together with the Yoshino-Kuzu from Nara. The kuzu starch which is beng used is alike sticly rice but it is simply smooth and every mouthful is just perfectly done.


Oshokuji : Autumn Mushroom Takikom Gohan
The lovely bowl of rice which is cooked with the mushroom and served together with the hearty warm bowl of Miso Soup where the Seaweed is all the way from Mie and the Japanese Pickles is all the way from Osaka. The dish comes simply unique to me and every mouthful is indeed a good one.


This is where the desserts comes with the Salted Beans where the rice cake is being stuffed with the delicious sweet bean paste.Served together wth the pluppy grapes and pear.

The Premium Kansai Set priced at RM 300 while with the additional sake it will be at RM 400. They also have the Premum KansaiSpecial where it is at RM 460. The offer available from 19 September 2014 till 20 December 2015.


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