st joseph church

St. Joseph’s Seminary and Church is another famous church which is being constructed back in 1728 where the church itself produced many important figures in the field of missionary work in many areas of China and Southeast Asia.
st joseph church

st joseph church

Here you will find a rare example of Baroque style architecture, blended with the traditional Portuguese colour scheme and neo-classical church facade. The interior is simply beautiful featuring an attractive alter area with the decorative wood cravings as well as the solomonic style pillars. There is also a nice organ overhead.
st joseph church

Build by the Jesuist and had a formal ties with the Church of Mater Dei, which is now rest in ruins and it is presently known of the Ruin’s of St Paul. However, due to the awkward entrance location and unfamiliarity most have with this attraction you will not likely encounter very few if any other visitors if you manage to visit St. Joseph’s Church.
st joseph church

st joseph church

The church also houses a relic of the first missionary to East India.


Opening hours:
Church: Church: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. (Seminary not open to the public)

Bus routes nearby:
9, 16, 18, 28B

Rua do Seminário

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