Kogetsu is classic Japanese restaurant that offers you a fantastic environment to dine in with show kitchens in the main areas. The restaurant is indeed special in their location and walking into the restaurant, greeted with a smile with the relexing environment and greenery surrounding by the lake.
Helmed by resident chef Taketoshi Minami, Kogetsu prides itself for serving traditional Japanese cuisine. Kogetsu recently introduced 3 quick and tasty lunch sets which come with free-flow ocha
Sanma-Teriyaki Set (RM53)
Fish lover would not say no to this where the mackerel fish is being grilled till perfection and topped with the teriyaki sauce, rice, miso soup, chawan mushi and tsukemono. The fish was fresh and sweet but beware of tiny bones when you are having them.


Wa-Don Set (RM48)
The set comes with the mini tanin-don, mini udon with sides of salad and tsukemono. The slurpy noodles come simply good and delicious.

Aside from their Lunch Set, Chef Taketoshi has also come up with some new items for the menu for us to try too.

Ika Geso Wasabe(RM38)
With the umph of the wasabi topped with the grilled squid, the taste is simply delicious. The chewy taste from the grilled squid made a great match with the wasabi sauce that brings us with the robust flavours.
Tofu Salada (RM28)
The generous huge portion of salad with the silky tofu and greenies with it. Delicious and refreshing.
Unagi Yanagawa Nabe (RM45)
The eel served with the burdock roots and egg. Something unique to try off.

Hotate Mentaikoyaki (RM32)
The baked scallops with fish roe comes simply delicious with the creamy texture of the roe itself while the scallops remains fresh and juicy.
Saba Curry Fumiyaki (RM39)
Deliciously prepared, the fried mackerel is being coated with the curry sauce. The creamy sauce with the blend of fragrance of Japanese Curry is awesomely good.
Shake Miso Katsu (RM42)

The salmon cutlet is being breaded and deep fried till golden brown. Drenched with the hot miso soup on top, the shake miso katsu is indeed flavourful.
Asparagus Kisu no Bainiku Age (RM42)

This is where the asparagus & silver fish is being battered and deep fried till perfection. Crispy at the outside and moist in the inside.

Unagi & Shake Kawa Maki (RM43)

For those who are fans of sushi, they can try the eel roll & crispy salmon skin roll. The sushi comes simply appetizing and nice. Well done.

Tai Soba Kyoto Style (RM38)

Serving in Kyoto Style, the heaty bowl of wheat noodles is served with the red snapper in broth. It is simply flavourful in the soup include the sweetness from the fish in it
Nabeyaki Udon (RM43)
The hearty bowl of udon is served in the claypot. The udon comes simply slurpy and deliciously done.
Gyu Hire (RM75)
Aside from that, we also have the Gyu Hire (RM75) which is where the beef tenderloin is being cooked with teppanyaki style. We found that the beef is slightly overcooked but we still love the tender meat with the robust flavours.

Stir-fried Enoki (RM27)
Don’t miss up the Stir-fried Eniki which is indeed double thumbs up. I love the smooth and aromatic mushroomy taste in the dish.

For more information on Kogetsu’s new Quick & Easy Lunch Specials or to book online, go to or email [email protected]

Kogetsu Japanese Restaurant
The Hyatt Saujana
Jalan Lapangan Terbang SAAS
40150 Shah Alam
Tel: 03-7843-1234 ext.6122

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