The World Hunger Relief Campaign (WHR), a yearly initiative from KFC and Pizza Hut Malaysia to help eradicate world hunger is back, stronger than ever, with a list of enthusiastic efforts lined up in raising funds as well as awareness to the public. Bringing it to a whole new level this year is actress and TV Host, Scha Alyahya who has agreed to join us in this fight to end hunger.

Taking the role of spokesperson with her wholesome image and charismatic personality, Scha will appear in the campaign’s public service announcements, collaterals at KFC and Pizza Hut restaurants, as well as Social Media initiatives. In addition, along with KFC and Pizza Hut volunteers, she too will be visiting famine stricken families and local communities in Malaysia through several WHR distribution programmes as well as collaborations with NGOs and Government Bodies. Her star power is sure to bring much awareness to the campaign and would help tremendously in the cause.

“I believe no one should ever go to bed hungry and it saddens me to know that there are so many people in the world with barely enough food to eat. This cause is very dear to my heart and I jumped at the opportunity to help when they approached me”, said Scha.

“Being a mother, I can’t imagine the horror of not being able to provide for my child and I wouldn’t want to bestow that on to anyone. Would you?” she continued compassionately.

Similar to previous years, the WHR campaign will raise funds through the special “World Hunger Meal” promotion at KFC and Pizza Hut, whereby meals under this promotion will be charged an extra RM0.50 which goes directly into the fund. The three-month campaign starting in June will also have donation boxes placed at KFC and Pizza Hut outlets.

In addition, the campaign has further expanded its efforts by going online, where funds will be raised through a donation portal on the World Hunger Relief Facebook page, Created for the first time this year, the portal gives the caring public another avenue to donate conveniently online through just a few clicks.

The grand finale for the fundraising effort this year is the World Hunger Relief Charity Concert which will be held at the end of 2015. The charity concert will see our local singing sensations doing their part for charity by lending their voice for this noble cause.

“With millions of people going hungry worldwide, we all need to help find a solution to this problem. This year KFC and Pizza Hut are going all out to create awareness for the cause. As one of the largest restaurant companies, we have the privilege and responsibility to lead the fight to end world hunger and help eradicate poverty”, said Ahmad Taufek Omar, Chief Digital Marketing & Information Technology, KFC Malaysia.

“The World Hunger Relief campaign is a great example of how much can be accomplished when individuals rally around a good cause. The WHR campaign is continuing to help people across Malaysia and other poverty and famine stricken parts of the world”, said Low Kang Moon, Senior General Manager, Pizza Hut Malaysia.

The WHR campaign in Malaysia has reached its ninth year and its main objective is to raise funds in order to provide food resources in hunger stricken areas both nationally and internationally. Similar to the past, a portion of the funds will be allocated for the United Nations’ World Food Programme while the majority will be distributed locally.

Throughout the years the campaign’s focus has been food related where funds have been utilized to help feed the less fortunate. Among the efforts and activities carried out for the fund’s distribution is the ‘Step Out, Stop Hunger’ WHR Distribution programme, whereby selected families throughout Malaysia receive a donation of daily kitchen items and monetary aid for six months.  In addition, the funds have also been distributed through collaborative efforts with several NGOs including HOPE Worldwide Malaysia, PERTIWI and KECHARA soup kitchen, Malaysia Red Crescent, as well as Government Bodies and cash sponsorship to charity homes throughout Malaysia.

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