Opening on 28 May 2015, Madame Waffle brings you with their new concept of dining which is the kiosk style. Located at the lower ground of The Gardens mall; you will be definitely pampered with the variety of toppings which is not to be missed. Compare to their outlet in Mid Valley, Madame Waffle here comes slightly different where they are more to “personalized” your waffle up to your tastebuds. They have good promotion like Free Waffle for the first day opening. Checkout the PROMO here

About Madame Waffle 

MADAME WAFFLE is a contemporary food concept store that provides artisanal belgian waffles and coffee. Caters towards the need for fast moving foods amidst this busy and fast-paced city, be it for leisure, or a need for quick bites. MADAME WAFFLE is conceived by a group of passionate people, that would like to share what they like to everybody.

Serving the liege waffle; Madame Waffle comes with the selection of 2 choices of waffle to go with- The Original or the Matcha which is one of the signatures. Then, you can have a choice to topped with the choices of galeto from their signature Earl Grey, White Chocolate Lavender, Black Sesame, Matcha, Salted Caramel, Vanilla to Chocolate. You can have them with 2 scope choice at RM 18.90 while 3 scoops for RM 23.00. Then you can have your topping dones with the Standard Topping which is at RM 1.50 where they have the fresh strawberries, fresh blueberries, sweetcorns, banana, azuki red beans, honey cornflakes, roasted almonds, and torched marshmellows. If you are looking for some unique toppings,you can try their Ferero Rocher, Shiratama Dango, Lavender Konyaku, Watermelon Konyaku, Aloe Vera and White Chocolate Feuilletine.

I am obviously pampered with the wide selection of toppings and ingredient to go with. For me, I had made mine with the Original Waffle with the Earl Grey Ice Cream which comes with not too sweet taste but complete fragrance of Earl Tea. Topped with the Fresh Strawberries, Bouncy Lavender Konyaku and the chewy Shiratama Dango. Awesomely good.

Another options we had is the White Chocolate Ice Cream and the waffle together with the Forero Rocher , Marshmellow together with some fresh blueberries and fresh strawberries. The desserts is indeed meant for sweet tooth.

I ended with the lovely cup of Madame Rose Latte (RM 11) that comes with the light fragrance of rose. Done by the award winning barista in town, the coffee is well crafted and aromatic and not forgoten is the beautiful latte art which is not to be missed.

For those who are looking for having their own personalized waffle, hop to Madame Waffle kiosk which is located at the Lower Ground Floor at The Gardens (taking over the space of Mochi Sweets)

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