Mira Moon, Hong Kong’s new fashion-forward hotel opening in autumn 2013, releases a sneak peek of its outlandish interior design by Wanders and yoo, a preeminent creative partnership between international designer Marcel Wanders – dubbed “the Lady Gaga of the design world” by the New York Times – and inspired international property design company, yoo. Together they have vividly brought to life the hotel’s bespoke interpretation of the Chinese Moon Festival myth. This hedonistic homage to China’s favorite fairytale blends intertwining elements of Dutch and Chinese heritage, expressed through a tapestry of autumnal colors and hues that are interspersed with lacquered whites and rich China reds.

Design Concept 
Commissioned by Miramar Group, Wanders & yoo have created a contemporary hotel that retells the story of Chang’er, the Moon Goddess. In the classic tale, Chang’er’s forbidden sip of the elixir of immortality lifted her from earth and conveyed her to the moon where she became trapped for an eternity, far from the man she loved and with only a Jade Rabbit as her companion. In a light-hearted reinterpretation of this tale, Wanders & yoo reimagines Chang’er sending the Jade Rabbit back to earth, to keep her true love company in his Causeway Bay tower: Mira Moon. The result is Miramar Group’s first “story hotel”.

Concept Realization 
To translate this tale into an interior design concept, Wanders & yoo’s Creative Director Marcel Wanders has injected his renowned sense of theatricality and passion for the eclectic with an inspired use of space and textures. The central characters of the story – Chang’er, the Jade Rabbit and the Moon – are depicted throughout the hotel and their omnipresence lends a playful air to the hotel’s style. From the rich Wenge timber veneer and window pane murals depicting the fairytale on each guestroom corridor, to the three lanterns cascading from the entrance hall’s ceiling representing each of the key characters, every element of Mira Moon recants the traditional story. A member of Design Hotels™ and already winner of Best Hotel Interior Hong Kong at the Asia Pacific Hotel Awards 2013-2014, the hotel’s design concept is a cultural meeting of minds, blending both contemporary Dutch and traditional Chinese heritages.

Inspired by Chinese craftsmanship, the hotel’s artifacts and traditionally crafted ceramics, cut crystal and intricate woodwork have been created by local craftsmen. These intertwine with Dutch-born Wanders’ bespoke branded furniture in collaboration with Moooi and signature ’twinkle’ – his subtle humor and vibrant sense of life. One such fusion of cultures is a lucky charm feature wall in the lobby, which when viewed closely reveals the signs of the Chinese zodiac for prosperity. Throughout Asia the story of the Moon Goddess is celebrated in autumn, when the moon is at its brightest. In deference to this magical season, autumnal hues of orange, brown and light green fill the hotel. Taking inspiration from Chang’er’s husband’s red bow and white arrows, the hotel’s color scheme also features bold surges of lacquered whites and rich China reds, whilst the image of the peony is ever present, embodied in wool and silk blend carpets, ornately-carved wood panelling and sheer curtains that tint the skyscrapers of the city beyond.

The interior design concept echoes through guest bathrooms, where vivid tiled mosaics depict blossoming peonies and guests enjoy city and harbor views framed by floor-to-ceiling windows.  The marble bathrooms are surprisingly spacious by Hong Kong standards and are bathed in sunlight by day. Each one includes a walk-in rain shower, double basins and a separate toilet, with many also featuring freestanding bathtubs overlooking the Hong Kong skyline. Marcel Wanders, Creative Director of Wanders & yoo, said of his design: “When I design I’m driven by passion and immerse myself in the world I am creating, which was certainly the case with the design development for Mira Moon. Together we’ve created a hotel that personifies my style and love of the romantic, of poetry, mixed with a rich tapestry of references to local heritage.

I’m sure the result will resonate with the people of Hong Kong”. He further added, “I like to bring fantasies to life, and there is no more evocative a tale than that of the Moon Goddess. The process of translating this enchanting myth into a design concept for Mira Moon has been

Designed to cater to the ever-evolving needs of tech-savvy travelers, Mira Moon’s design introduces sleek technologies discreetly installed throughout the hotel. White-lacquered mantels frame sleek in-room entertainment systems including 32 – 46” HD IPTV with international cable channels, movies-on demand and AirPlay music systems. For business travelers, in-room iPad minis offer pre-loaded Apps such as Skype, Dropbox and Bloomberg

Anywhere, whilst leisure travelers can enjoy a series of pre-loaded eBooks or dock iPads in in room docking stations. These are loaded with a selection of Moon Tunes to sway to, including the signature beats of Resident DJ Helen Ting. Complimentary Wi-Fi is available in all guest rooms and public areas; and fast Ethernet speed with one Gbps optical fiber backbone and 100Mb endpoint speed will cater for future guest needs.

Already the recipient of the China Green Building Design Label “3 Star” Award, Mira Moon is one of only three hotel developments in Hong Kong pursuing LEED NC-2009 (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, New Construction) Certification. The hotel is designed to save over 40% of potable water use compared to the LEED baseline (EP Act 1992 & Uniform Plumbing Code/International Plumbing Code) which translates to 4.55 million liters of potable water saved each year. It is also designed to reduce energy consumption to a level 12% below the ASHRAE
Standard 90.1-2007 baseline, which translates to 200,000 kWh or 168,000 kg of CO2 saved each year. Saluting the sun, a 70  square meter vertical green wall with real vegetation and 87.45 square meter green roof also reduces  the hotel’s carbon footprint, whilst the building façade itself is designed to ensure high performance through optimization of energy and daylight consideration.

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