The Panasonic NNDS592B features an extraordinarily compact build for delightful oven cooking. It is a 27-Litre inverter grill microwave oven that comprises of 1200W top and bottom heater, and 1000W microwave power. All these are operated with the advanced Inverter Technology. The flat and wide interior gives you a larger cooking area and makes cleaning an effortless task.

Even at low heat, the Inverter Technology provides continuous stream of cooking power, unlike conventional microwave ovens. This creates precision cooking style that preserves the texture and flavour of your foods. Conventional microwaves turn the power off and on to mimic the lower heat settings. This results in undercooked spots in the middle and overcooked edges. Whereas for inverter, you can steam delicate food, braise or even poach, all with the convenience and speed of a microwave. Enjoy scrumptious and healthy cooking – all in a shorter amount of time


I love the oven very much and I can do grilling,  baking , steaming and more all in 1 goal. But if you are looking for the steaming function, it does give slight disappointing where the food comes up to be not moist enough.

All functions are as good as it is and I almost do most of my baking job with this as well.

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