One of the places which I love to visit where Nook is famed of their Sarawak Laksa coms more exciting this year. This year, Nook presents its first edition of Malaysian Tasting Menu which is inspired by local delicacies as well as their special Yu Sang this year.
Yu Sang here comes with wonderful colours with different textures of vegetables and deep fried crackers. Toss well for prosperity this year at Nook Aloft KL this year with the great blend of sauce and fresh salmon.

This year, their executive chef- Chef Rozaiman has crafted the menu with care where it featured 8 course menu which will tempt you till the fullest. The eight course menu starts off with Spinach Sambal with Crispy Tempeh which is where the spinach is well cooked till soft in the creamy coconut milk. It is then enhanced with slightly sweet and spicy sambal and crunchy crispy tempeh – or fermented soy bean cake. Indeed a unique dish to be enjoyed here in Nook!
Served next is the fusion sensation which is the Cured Salmon Kerabu served with compressed Apple – a fusion between the local flavours with western ingredients. The taste of the local Malay salad with cured salmon fish flavour blends well and compliments with the taste of apple. The dish brings us with the appetizing and yet flavourful delights not to missed here.
The Chicken Soto Consomme is where the Indonesian inspired chicken clear soup is served with the potato bergedil. Well presented, the flavourful clear broth is truly a comfort food reminding of mother’s chicken soup.
Served next is the Lime Sorbet, where the crystalised lime, awakens the palate, cleans and gets the palate ready for the next course.
Not to be missed in Nook is the Tumeric Nasi Lemak with the Wagyu Beef Rendang. This is where the rendang is well cooked till fragrant and flavourful with their secret recipe. The nasi lemak is good and well compliments with the flavourful rendang. The Wagyu Beef which is served are moist too. The yellow colour coconut flavoured rice is also very rich and tasty.
Well, I will never sat no to their Sarawak Laksa which is the signature dishes in Nook. The enhanced version with the pan seared scallops in the laksa boost the overall flavours of the dish where it bring a rich, peppery broth, definitely a must try in Nook as the chef takes pride in making sure the broth is its number one priority.
The final item we had is the Silver Cod Asam Pedas – steamed silver cod and served with a burst of sourish and spicy asam pedas paste, representing the love of spicy flavours in Malaysian culture. I love the sourish blend from the asam pedas which is indeed appetizing.
End your meals with the famous local desserts which is the Rainbow Sago Gula Melaka, a sago pudding served with gula Melaka syrup and coconut milk. It is nicely done and beautifully presented. Lovely!

The menu eight course menu is priced at RM108nett per person and for an additional RM80nett, the eight course menu can be enjoyed with cocktail and wine pairing.

Nook is the hotel’s all day dining restaurant, serving local and international flavours on its breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet spreads. The menu boasts of delicious spreads of culinary delights coupled with familiar tastes.

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Restaurant Nook
No 5 Jalan Stesen Sentral
Kuala Lumpur
50470 Malaysia

+60(3) 2723 1188

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