Chinese New Year comes with more exciting this year where the new brand E.G.G serving us with the more exciting menu this year for Chinese New Year. E.G.G which had opened last year is serving their Chinese New Year Yee Sang as well as the Treasure Pot which is indeed something to look forward to enjoy.
The huge portion of the Yee Sang which comes simply huge on the big bowl is something unique and had make us very excited too. The yee sang comes served with the usual condiments of yee sang with loads of prickles, shredded carrots and more. We love how the yee sang is served and they comes with the generous amount of fresh salmon with it. The yee sang is available in Half Portion (NP: RM 68+)while the Full Portion (NP: RM 98+).
As for the Poon Choi with Abalone (RM 268 +) ; it comes in served in the pot which is full of goodies in it. From the choices of abalones, dried scallops, chicken meat, prawns, mushrooms and many more. With the fresh ingredients that is being used, the poon choi taste good and delicious, It’s portion is pretty generous too. I love the way it is cooked and every mouthful of the sauce is so flavorful. A bowl of rice to go with it.. Perfect!

The Auspicious menu is available from 1st Feb 2015 onwards and they are open on Chinese New Year too. For those early birds payment before 19 Feb 2015, you will get RM 30 off for poon choi only too. So why not book your place early and feast like a king in E.G.G.

EGG- 8 Gourmets Gala
Jalan PJS 11/15, PJS 11
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
017-948 8684

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