Love to get a personalized coffee machine for yourself. Now, Panasonic releases a new NX-CA1- Automatic Espresso Machine which is fully automatic operations that can help you to brew a variety of coffee of professional quality, from robust espressos to milky cappuccinos.

 And it is just like having your own resident barista at home where you can have your coffee  with a single touch of button with memory functions that allows users to store four different combinations that ecomposes coffee strength and amount of milk portion and volume of foam.

Panasonic has equipped its NC-7A-1 Automatic Espresso Machine comes with the adjustable fine coffee grinder that uses harden steel to grind beans into uniform particles.

This gives users a say in coffee strength, letting them to choose from rough to medium, fine, and extra fine ground.

Not just that, the savory machine operates with an advance color touch screen, interface and it is easy to use. Illustrated picture walks you to create your perfect cup of coffee in just a button.

The best part is the gadget fits well in one compact box which indeed maximizing space efficiency plus, with the full front loading, attachments like water tank, disposable container and brewing unit it is easily removed without having to man-oeuvre or flip the machine.


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