The title describes the legendary story of the famous Peking duck. Originated from the city of Beijing, the dish is now available at Concorde’s Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant. This most sought-after dish is featured throughout the month of December 2014.

The Peking duck was first created and introduced by the palace chefs back in the Ming Dynasty where only exceptional quality dishes were cooked for the emperor. The preparation of the dish is rather interesting. The duck have to be inflated to separate the skin from the fat. It is then hung up to dry before being roasted to perfection in an oven until its meat is tender and the skin shines golden brown. The meat is often eaten with pancakes, spring onions and hoisin sauce or sweet noodle sauce. Xin chefs are also able to whip up other delicious dishes using the duck meat for an additional RM10.00++ per dish.

The irresistible delicacy is available for lunch and dinner, priced at RM35.00++ per half duck or RM60.00++ for whole duck. For reservations, please call 2144 2200 extn 2338 or 2144 8750 (direct line).

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