Are you some one who love cute stuff and surprises . Perhaps this is the one u can choose

The lovely stuff filled with surprises where you can pamper your self with loads of cutie items that you maybe dying for. From pinky items all in a box do give me some surprises though. Imagine going home and have surprise with the lovely pinky box at your doorsteps


They have the lovely pencil case in their list where I can use it for putting pencil or some makeup stuff


Sweet little white handphone hanger which is also a cute things you can get there.


I love this the most. The sharpener is so cute and I am indeed hesitate to use it.


Lovely stickers is also another my favorites where the stickers you can use for your diary and even calender. Indeed lovely !
I love this . The nice sweet cheewing gum to be enjoyed . Nice !

Sweet card to be used . It is just so nice !

The lovely pen that makes my day too. Cute and lovely

This is another things where there are lovely stickers. The sweet little sticker to make your handphone nicer and cute.

Cute handkerchief

Hair clips

All of this is just at $18.90 and it will be delivered to your doorsteps.. That’s cool isn’t;it. Make your box now at http://www.kawaiibox.com/


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