Bringing you a nice view and humble look from the front, Baan 26 is such a nice restaurant to visit and it is indeed looks like the neighbourhood restaurant like in Bangkok and Chiangmai. Operating more than 7 years when time Changkat Bukit Bintang was barely a hot spot and being the few restaurants to start at that time.

As for deco, it ranges from the classic where they have the antique lacquerware tiffin carriers and the Thai figurines in the back dining area to the whimsical and the handmade ceiling hanging. Not just that, the porch had also turned to the al fresco dining area, while the upstairs dining area is normally reserved for functions and special occasions. In Baan 26, they are serving authentic Thai cuisine helmed by a Thai chef and his team. Till today, specific ingredients are still source from Thailand for distinctive authentic Thai notes.
We started of with the Thai Fish Cake(RM24.00) which I is awesomely good. The Thai Fish Cake is different from many restaurants as the fish cake is well marinated and each mouthful of the fish cakes comes moist and flavourful. I love the moist and fragrance taste from the fish cake itself.
Another signature appetizers is the Thai Style Papaya Salad with Dry Shrimps (RM 18) which is a spicy mixture slices of unripe papaya, roasted peanuts, dried shrimps and chili. It is a nice one to enjoyed munching the Thai Style Papaya Salad that comes with a kick of spiciness in it.
Being in a Thai Restaurant, I always believe that one of the ways to judge a Thai restaurant is through its tom yam. The Red Tomyam Prawn Soup (RM 32) the soup comes with the mixture of sour, limey, spicy and salty and a hint of sweetness. The soup is simply appetizing and also bursting with the spiciness in it. We really enjoyed this to the very last drop.
One of the signatures in Baan 26- The Lime Chili Steamed Fish (RM 49.00) which is awesomely done. The seabass is cooked beautifully in a fish-shaped cauldron . The seabass is topped with loads of coriander steams, chopped garlic and chili padi bringing us a very savory and spicy blend of taste. The brooth comes awesomely good and well compliments with the fresh steamed fish which is served. I am craving for another bowl of rice so I can have more of the broth from the fish in there.

The signature dish comes to us with the lovely charred aroma with the generous portion of the lovely Stir Fried Glass Noodles with the Tiger Prawns in Claypot (RM 59.00). The wholesome pot of delights comes with the soft chewy glass noodles complete with the flavors and witth vegetables and herbs. It is then topped with the fresh huge tiger prawns with it.
Not just that, we are also pampered with their Pandan Leaf Chicken Wrap (RM 23.00) . The pandan chicken wrap comes awesomely delicious with the well marinated with the blend of fragrant pandan taste in it. The chicken texture remains moist and juicy where each and every mouthful is divinely good.
Try them with the Thai Pineapple Fried Rice (RM 22.00) well stir fried till perfection with the fragrance blend of the rice with the shrimps on top as well as cubes of pineapple with it. The incredibly delicious pineapple fried rice is more than enough to pamper our tastebuds.
Pad Thai with Shrimps (RM 22.00) is yet another order that not to be missed in Baan 26. Well fried till fragrant with the silky noodles texture as well as sweet and pulpy shrimps. Awesome one to try!

Our meal ended with the some sweet temptations which is a must to savour in a Thai Restaurant. The lovely Mango Sticky Rice comes with the sweet temptations where the glutinous rice comes with the smooth and soft texture with the sticky blend in it. It is also served with the slices of mango and coconut syrup by the side. The taste is so good-liicious!
As for the Water Chestnut in Coconut Milk, it is served chilled with the tapioca coated water chestnut and sliced jackfruit and also some ice. The taste is so good with the crispy chestnut and also creamy and not too sweet blend of dessert.

No 26, Jalan Changkat Bukit Bintang,
Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur,
+60 3-2142 8878

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