Inspired by the famous ‘Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic’, an ancient Chinese medicine doctrine, Executive Chinese Chef Ip Kwok Fai of the award-winning Man Ho Chinese Restaurant is pleased to present a unique five-element gourmet set menu that is not only beneficial for the body but also eye-pleasing and palate-satisfying.

Chef Ip makes use of various ingredients, representing the five Chinese elements and colours – wood (green) , fire (red), earth (yellow), metal (white) and water (black), and innovatively crafts a menu that balances each element in one’s body. The overall harmony of these five elements and colours is also crucial to five major internal organs – wood relates to liver; earth relates to spleen; water relates to kidney; fire relates to heart and metal relates to lung. Through managing the synergies of each of the five elements and colours, the menu provides diversified nutrition and helps attain balance in the body.

“The five-element menu, comprising mainly quality and fresh ingredients offers an opportunity for guests to indulge in healthier Cantonese food selection. Keeping a five-element diet in your daily life is easy as well. For instance, one can add some sesame, red dates, soy beans, lily bulbs and green beans to steamed rice and you can prepare a health-inspired dish at home.” Chef Ip says.

Savour Chef Ip’s five-element menu and discover the traditional Chinese culinary wisdom.

Man Ho’s five-element gourmet menu is now available during dinner from 6pm to 11pm. A minimum order of six persons and three-day advance reservation is required.

Wood (Green) – Layers of poached scallop and spinach
Earth (Yellow) – Chinese ginseng and Japanese tofu, topped with caviar
Water (Black) – Mashed chestnut wrapped with sliced sea cucumber
Fire (Red) – Poached crab meat stuffed in tomato
Metal (White) – Steamed yam and braised hasma with gold leaf

Main Dishes
Fire (Red) – Double-boiled pigeon soup with fish maw, matsutake mushroom and  wolfberry
Earth (Yellow) – Poached garoupa fillet and seasonal vegetable with soy milk
Metal (White) – Sautéed lobster fillet with gold leaf
Water (Black)  – Fried assorted grains with whole abalone in oyster sauce

Wood (Green) – Double-boiled bird’s nest in kiwifruit

HK$1,288 Per Person
Price is subject to 10% service charge

For more details or reservations, please call +852 2810 8366

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