Tatsu Japanese Cuisine offers a unique culinary and cultural experience for everyone in the month of November with an exclusive Teppanyaki a la carte menu priced from RM20++ per portion onwards. Enjoyed for the flavoursome freshness, Chef Tetsuya Yanagida, an expert in traditional Japanese cuisine has prepared a chef’s special menu prepared with premium ingredients imported from Japan.

Melding of two words, teppan meaning iron plate and yaki which means grilled, teppanyaki is one of Japan’s authentic styles of preparation. Blending traditional Japanese flavours and his own creations, Chef Yanagida’s menu highlights are thin-sliced wagyu beef with teriyaki grilled almond sauce; rib eye steak with ume oroshi sauce and cod fish teppanyaki sauté with mixed curry sauce. Other great options are teppanyaki hakata eggplant roll with wagyu beef, asparagus teppanyaki and yukari salt, as well as fried rice with preserved salted squid.

Guests will have the choice of sitting at the teppanyaki counter for an enhanced experienced as they watch the teppanyaki chefs showcase their culinary skills or served on a sizzling hot plate and brought to their table. From the sizzling plate to the aromatic waft, be prepared to delight your senses with mouth-watering flavours.

For reservations or more information, please call Tatsu Japanese Cuisine at +603-2782 6118 / 6000 or email us at [email protected]. Visit us at for latest happenings and offerings.

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