During the rainy seasons, Celestial Court invites steamboat lovers to enjoy their “All Steamed Up – Oriental Steamboat” promotion from August 2014 onwards. In here, get to enjoy the “hot pot” comes with different flavours of brooth where the ingridients are placed into the pot to be cooked.
sheraton imperial - steamboat
In Celestial Court; the “All-steamed Up Up – Oriental Steamboat” boasts of delectable steamboat specialties accompanied by 5 unique broths to enhance your dining experience. This includes their signature broths : ‘Lui Yee Hung’ Chinese Wine with Cordyceps Herbal Soup. Made of glutinous rice and wheat, this wine evolved from the Shaoxing tradition of burying it underground upon the birth of a daughter, and serving it at the wedding of the daughter; Jade Porridge – porridge based vegetarian broth with a blend of spinach, which is claimed to strengthen the bones, nourishes the eyes and contains anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory antioxidants; Hot Slipper Lobster Soup – a fusion of slipper lobster based broth and ‘ma la’ sauce, an ideal soup for those who are looking for something flavourful and numbingly spicy.

Alternatively, we recommend you to sample the ‘Thai’ Tom Yam Soup if you prefer a tangy and spicy twist. Besides that, we also serve Chicken Ginseng Soup for diners who prefer traditional and subtle. As for me, we love Chicken Ginseng Soup which comes pretty unique and filled with the fragrance of the ginseng blend. Each mouthful is sindeed well infused with the taste of ginseng delights . Nice!

This Oriental Steamboat promotion is available for dinner from 1 August to 30 December 2014. Set menus are available (for a minimum of two persons each) with a choice of vegetarian Mushroom Set priced at RM49.90++ per set, Poultry Set priced at RM55.50++ per set and Seafood Set priced at RM68.80++ per set.
sheraton imperial - steamboat

A la carte orders will also be available and will be priced from RM19++ onwards per portion. Some of the recommendations to try for includes their King Crab and Tasmanian Ocean Petuna Fish specialties at RM30++ per 100 gram and RM25++ per 100 gram respectively.

For more details or to make a reservation, please call 03-27179900, e-mail at [email protected] or visit

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